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n. 观众;旁观者(spectator复数)
Spectators - 观战,看客,观赛,现场观战
For Spectators - 观众通道
excited spectators - 激动的观众
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  • 这必需是他们的基础课程,苏格拉底说,让孩童们成为战争的旁观者。
    This must be the beginning of their education, Socrates says, making the children spectators of war.
  • 观众成群结队地走出体育场。
    The spectators trooped out of the stadium.
  • 最后一个的警告:大清早如果旁观者仍然暗自发笑梦游者,他们可能是孤单的。
    One final caveat: if spectators are still chuckling about the episode in the morning, they may be alone.
  • 以这些模型作为基础,系统可以验证事件并将它们分类:比如软件可以区分那些消极的观众和兴高采烈的球迷。
    On the basis of these models the system then identifies events and classifies them: for instance the software can distinguish between passive spectators and fans jumping up and down.
  • 观众进场。
    Spectators enter the stadium, etc.
  • 火上行走表演时,观众只是观看,没有与行走者分享活动与节奏。
    With fire-walking, spectators simply watched, without sharing activity or rhythm with the walkers.
  • 虽然一些观众欢呼以示支持,但大多数人面带困惑。
    While some spectators cheered in support, most looked confused and bewildered.
  • 观众近万人。
    There were nearly 10,000 spectators.
  • 心情迫切的观众涌入体育场内。
    The eager spectators crowded into the stadium.
  • 这种架构使 “旁观者” 与数据库服务器分离,以便它们能够在不使问题加重的情况下查看状态。
    This architecture keeps the "spectators" away from the database server so they can see the status without adding to an existing problem.
  • 那么这部新的电影将会受到观众欢迎,还是引起新一波的失望呢?
    Will the new movie be welcomed by its spectators or just raise another wave of disappointment?
  • 球赛观众都能遵守会场秩序。
    All the football match spectators were able to observe order in the stadium.
  • 接待数千名运动员和数以百万的观众,需要数十亿美元的投资才能够成功完成。
    Hosting thousands of athletes and millions of spectators takes billions of dollars in investment to pull off.
  • 我通常喜欢在经过观众的时候观察他们的脸,阅读他们的表情。
    I always like to look at the spectators' faces or read their signs as I pass them.
  • 入场盛典结束后,聚会参加者和观众应邀加入到舞圈中去,参加不同部落间的共舞。
    Following the grand entry, both participants and spectators were invited to join the dance circle for an intertribal dance.