speak on

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speak on - 论及,详细的阐述
speak up on - 谈论
Speak Based On Fact - 有一说一
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  • 我希望在这些号称是为我们说话的组织中,我们的人有更多的话语权。
    I would like us to have a greater say in organisations that purport to speak on our behalf.
  • 我还见到了老板,我们探讨了目前的形势,说到了足球。
    I met the owner as well. We met to discuss thissituation, to speak on football.
  • 通过要求在他们下次首脑会议或者日常会议上发表关于社区重要性的演讲,来和其他组织取得联系。
    Approach other organizations by asking to speak on a matter of community importance at their next executive or general meeting.
  • 如果你是一个平常说话喜欢带口头禅的人,比如你会把“嗯哼”、“嗯”、“就像……”、“你知道”挂在嘴边,你就要训练自己小心地避免在接听电话时使用这类词语。
    If you're a person who uses fillers when you speak, such as "uh huh", "um", or phrases such as "like" or "you know", train yourself carefully not to use these when you speak on the phone.
  • 我丈夫今天不能来,所以我要代表他说话。(不可用stand for)
    My husband can’t be here today, so I’m going to speak on his behalf (on behalf of him).
  • 他们对这个问题最有发言权。
    They are best qualified to speak on this question.
  • 就像在此题目下采访的其他人一样,他同意在不进一步透漏身份的条件下接受访问,以防引来麻烦。
    Like several of the people interviewed for this article, he agreed to speak on condition he not be further identified for fear he could get into trouble.
  • 她们两个几乎不通电话,但她们的确互相发送长长的电子邮件。
    The two rarely speak on the phone, but they do send each other long emails.
  • 今天,他将为我们做一次有关金融市场理论和实践方面的演讲。
    Today he will speak on the relationship between theory and practice in financial markets. Peter Schiff.
  • 那时她正参加博尔德 “笑声疗法”的主题会议,笑声疗法是个严肃的话题,在会议上她发表演说,并在演说中探讨:更多的笑声是如何促使我们的身心更健康。
    She was at the conference in Boulder to speak on laughter therapy, a subject she took very seriously indeed, and lectured about how we could be healthier in mind and spirit if we laughed more.
  • 我不能说她的合约是什么,但我知道我们会趁她现在在这里的时候好好地开发她的角色。
    I can't speak on what her contract is but I know she's here now so, definitely we're going to exploit that.
  • 金米特今天还将在达沃斯召开的世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)上,就这一问题发表讲话。
    Mr Kimmitt will also speak on the issue today at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
  • 通常,在这样的场合下谈话很有一番乐趣。
    Usually it's a pleasure to speak on such an occasion.
  • 我虽然很少就股市发表意见,但我却每天关心着股市的行情。
    Although I seldom speak on the stock market, I am watching it every day.
  • 他今天在场——霍华德·施密特(Howard Schmidt),他就坐在你们中间,今天晚些时候他将针对国际安全问题发表讲话。
    He’s with you now -- Howard Schmidt, who is in the audience with you and will speak on international security later today.
  • 我说那没有用,我看见过在受苦的人们而我想代表他们说话。
    I said that it has no help, I see people suffering and I want to speak on their behalf.