soon enough

—— 英文翻译成中文


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soon enough - 非常快地,很快,马上就好
forgotten soon enough - 旅行地图控
But Soon Enough - 过不久
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  • 花些时间丢开坏心情去阅读或者呆在电视机前,因为在难找工作这一时期结束之后,你会很快得到一份新的工作。
    Spend your days reading or in front of the television without feeling bad because you will find a job soon enough after which it becomes difficult to find some time off.
  • 当朋友打电话要和我们在一起的时候,我知道我的女儿很快就没有每周玩耍的时间了,所以我们在我们时间到之前去看看朋友们。
    When friends call to spend time with us, I remember that soon enough there will be no weekly playdates for my daughter and so we go off to see friends before our time is up.
  • 很快,我们就将开始付多少费读多大量,也许我们会发现那会是多么地少得可怜。
    Soon enough, we’re going to start getting what we pay for, and we may find out just how little that is.
  • 很快,水就开始往我们的船里面灌,而小船也在这时候开始下沉,我们能够存活下去的机会已经十分渺茫了。
    Soon enough, water startedpouring into our boat, and it started sinking into the water. There was no hopeleft for us that we would survive.
  • 很快他们都会超过这个阶段,然后转而关注他们自身和那些与他们自己的生活密切相关的东西。
    Soon enough they would grow out of that and concern themselves with the things that were most immediately relevant to their own lives.
  • 雪很快就会堆积起来,然后我们只能在屋子里面缩成一团、哆嗦的喝着热巧克力、期盼来年夏天的到来。
    Soon enough the snow will be piling up and we’ll be huddled up inside sipping hot chocolate and longing for summer.
  • 在他小学一年级的时候钱对于他来说可能没什么意义,但他会很快明白钱的价值的。
    Money might not mean much to him when he’s in the first grade, but he’ll understand its value soon enough.
  • 但是你一旦跨出了第一步,很快你就会知道第二步该做什么。
    Once you’ve taken that step though, you’ll figure out step two soon enough.
  • 看似一个可用的网站导航,很快就会显示出它最糟糕的一面。
    What looks like a usable site navigation, shows itself soon enough from its worst side.
  • 如果方法不能持久地解决问题,很快就足以被发现。
    If the solution doesn't durably solve the problem, you'll find out soon enough.
  • 他们在以后的生活里,会接触到足够的这些。
    They’re going to be exposed to that soon enough in life.
  • 很快,您的饮食习惯就会成为你的习惯吃法。
    Soon enough, your diet will simply become the way you eat.
  • 然后当你修好这项,很快另一部分又需要更换。
    And when you fix that, soon enough another part needs to be replaced.
  • 我们很快发现:新程序的发布现在才正式开始。
    We'll find out soon enough: the launch event starts now,.
  • 很快,华尔街就会淹没在不满银行家们担心的眼泪和满腔怒火之中。
    Soon enough Wall Street will be flooded by tears of fear and rage from unhappy bankers.