something rotten

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  • 若汇丰不能成长为更连贯和更盈利的银行,它将不得不在某种程度上做哪些几乎所有疲惫的大的联合体企业所做的事:认真研究投资组合,然后砍掉哪些已经腐朽的部分。
    If HSBC cannot grow into something more coherent and profitable it will have to do what almost all tired conglomerates do at some point: take a hard look at its portfolio and cut off the rotten bits.
  • 他想着的那点事,象块化透了的鳔胶,把他的心整个儿糊满了;
    He thought of that something, like pieces of rotten fish glue to put his heart full of the children paste;
  • 告诉你们,除了蓝默蝶有多漂亮之外,牠们喜欢喝腐烂的水果。
    I'll tell you something interesting about the Blue Morpho aside from how pretty it is - they like to drink rotten fruit…
  • 我闻到有腐臭味。
    I can smell something rotten.
  • 这种状态里有什么东西败坏了,难道不是吗?
    Isn't there something rotten in such a state?
  • 然而,很明显,一些是烂在该国的雷德蒙。
    Yet, it is clear that something is rotten in the State of Redmond .
  • 它比起作为石头的存在、一块木头的存在,或者腐朽之物的存在的差别何在?
    How is it different from the existence of a stone, a piece of wood, or something rotten?
  • 我相信有些事情在我的情况很臭的核心。
    I believe there is something very rotten at the core of my circumstance.
  • 不知道,这有什么坏了的东西吗?
    A:I don't know .Something rotten here?
  • 你知道这是怎么回事:只要你在饭馆里拣点吃的,牙齿就会被搞坏,你再当心都没用。
    You know how it is: you pick up something in a restaurant and your teeth turn rotten, no matter how careful you are.
  • 这腐烂的肉闻一下就够受的了。
    This place has an odious smell; something must be rotten.
  • 这还可以反映出对某一潜在疾病的恐惧,又或者表达的是对不能享受生活的担忧,或生活中出现了不如意的地方。
    It could also express a fear of not being able to enjoy life or that there's something wrong ("ill" or "rotten") in one's life.
  • 孔子说:“朽烂的木头,不可能雕刻出精美的饰物;粪土筑的墙壁,不可能粉刷出好样子。
    Confucius said:"Neither a piece of rotten wood nor a wall of dried dung can be turned into something beautiful."
  • 不!不!我没有吃腐烂的东西。我不会……会不会是其他的什么东西?
    No no, I don't eat rotten stuff. I wouldn't eat…Could it be something else?
  • Infj们并不容易被牵着鼻子走,因为他们总是机警地怀疑他人的动机。
    "There's something rotten in Denmark. " Accurately suspicious about others' motives, INFJs are not easily led.
  • 不知道,这有什么坏了的东西吗?没发现。
    I don't know . Something rotten here? B:I can't see it.
  • 一些东西一定是腐烂了,这种气味令人窒息。
    Something must be rotten, and the smell was nauseating, with a faint hint of dust.