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n. 浸;湿透;大雨
vi. 浸泡;渗透
vt. 吸收,吸入;沉浸在(工作或学习中);使……上下湿透
Soak - 浸泡,浸,浸湿
soak out - 浸泡出,漏电,剩余放电
acid soak - 酸液浸泡,酸浸,酸浸
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打湿 / 弄湿 / 浸泡 / 向⋯敲竹杠
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使上下湿透, 吸入, 浸; 浸泡, 渗透
浸泡, 浸渍; 烂醉; 酒鬼
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  • 血流得太多,渗透了我的平脚短裤。
    There was so much blood it had soaked through my boxer shorts
  • 冲洗几分钟,然后让它在冷水中浸泡你再决定接下来怎么做,而不要让污渍干燥。
    Rinse for several minutes and then let it soak in cold water while you decide how to proceed.
  • 要删除角质层,您的指甲浸泡在温水3分钟或更少。
    To remove cuticle, soak your nail in warm water for3 minutes or less.
  • 细胞会立即开始吸收水分。
    The cells will promptly start to soak up moisture.
  • 用至少4加仑的水浸湿每株灌木周围的土。
    Soak the soil around each bush with at least 4 gallons of water.
  • 他关上水龙头,让盘子浸泡在水中。
    He turned off the water and left the dishes to soak.
  • 把虾米用热水浸泡10分钟,挤干水分。
    Soak dried shrimps in warm water for10 minutes, squeeze water out.
  • 把核桃放在盐水里泡四五天。
    Soak the walnuts in brine for four or five days.
  • 我需要在热腾腾的澡盆里好好地泡一泡。
    What I need is to soak in a hot tub.
  • 让衣服在肥皂水中泡几小时。
    Let the clothes soak for a few hours in soapy water.
  • 将一块小毛巾浸在液体中,拧干后敷在腹部。
    Soak a small towel in the liquid, wring it out, then apply to the abdomen.
  • 将会有充足的机会去放松、游泳和晒太阳。
    There'll be ample opportunity to relax, swim and soak up some sun
  • 他们想晒晒太阳。
    They were trying to soak up some sun.
  • 将豆子浸泡2小时。
    Soak the beans for 2 hours
  • 用这块布将溢出的牛奶吸干。
    Use this cloth to soak up the spilled milk.
  • 馅料:先将葡萄乾和白兰地酒浸泡隔夜。
    To make filling, soak raisins into brandy for over night.
  • 将粗麦粉浸于大约6个柠檬榨出的果汁中,浸泡整夜。
    Soak the couscous overnight in the juice of about six lemons.
  • 我得浸泡一下我疼痛的膝盖。
    I need to soak my sore knee.
  • 雨水渗入了沙地。
    Rain had soaked into the sand.
  • 把它在热水中浸泡几小时。
    Let it soak for a few hours in warm water.
  • 基顿每年到这里来一两次,为的是尽情感受这里的气氛。
    Keaton comes here once or twice a year to soak up the atmosphere.
  • 洗这些衣服之前应浸泡一刻钟。
    The clothes should soak for a quarter before washing.
  • 把煮开了的甜薯立刻浸泡在冷水中,就可以很快剥掉它的皮了。
    To skin sweet potatoes quickly: Soak in cold water immediately after boiling.