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snatching - 纸张撕裂,冲动,抢掠
snatching detail - 抢掠案
Information Snatching - 信息攫取
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  • 当银行忙于抢夺客户时,只有少数客户从中获益。
    So while banks are busy snatching each others’ depositors, few savers are benefiting from the exercise.
  • 人们争相抢夺人体,有些人在医生手术时死去的谣言四起。
    This led to body snatching and there were widespread rumours that some people died when the doctors were operating.
  • “这种水平的食物消耗意味着我们正在从穷人的嘴里夺吃的,”他说。
    "And in consuming these levels of food we're snatching food out of the mouth of the poor, " he said.
  • 经营层的变更代价也是巨大的,离任的集团在离开之前会竭尽全力攫取一切利益,继任者也会致力于确保他们能获得最大的利益。
    A change in elites can also be expensive, with the outgoing group snatching what it can before leaving and the incoming group working overtime to ensure that it too gets paid in full.
  • 即使是这些废弃房屋也有了临时访客——不仅是抢铜线和钢管的拾荒大军,偶尔还有打牌和饮酒的人。
    Even abandoned houses have temporary visitors—not just the armies of scavengers snatching copper wire and steel pipes, but also the occasional card players and drinkers.
  • 我就慢慢地上去,因为我不喜欢跟别人抢位置。
    I slowly ground, because I do not like with others snatching the position.
  • 他们擅长在胜利关口抓取一丝失败,把自己的时间和才干都浪费在对一切人和事的过度考虑上;直至分析瘫痪。
    They are adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and also at wasting their time and talent through age-old art of over-analysing everything and everyone; analysis paralysis.
  • 一个男人接近地来了到夺取火把而且一个灭火器在火焰的附近被释怀。
    A man came close to snatching the torch and a fire extinguisher was let off near the flame.
  • 制定政策的人一直在宣称经济正在好转——足球宝贝露西一直抓住足球不放。
    Policy makers keep declaring that the economy is on the mend — and Lucy keeps snatching the football away.
  • 犹23 要把他们从火中抢出来,搭救他们;有些人你们要存畏惧的心怜悯他们,连那被肉体玷污的里衣也当憎恶。
    Jude 23 Save them by snatching them out of the fire. On others have mercy in fear, hating even the inner garment spotted from the flesh.
  • 新郎抢新娘需要准备或注意那些方面呢?
    Snatching the bride and groom need to prepare or attention to the area?