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adj. 蓬松的;表面粗糙的;毛发粗浓杂乱的
Shaggy cusk - 粗吻双须深海鼬鱼
Shaggy Shaggy - 姓名
shaggy grenadier - 英文名称
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  • 基洛爱牛长而蓬乱的毛发能帮助它们抵御寒冬和多雨的天气。
    Their long shaggy hair protects them from the cold winters and rainy weather.
  • 演员德斯·韦布穿着毛发粗浓杂乱的外套,脚下支着高跷以增加他本来就很引人瞩目的身高。
    Actor Des Webb wore the shaggy outfit, while wearing stilts to add to his already impressive height.
  • 一天早晨,那位忙碌的医生把灰色的粗眉毛的苏娥请到走廊。
    One morning the busy doctor invited Sue into the hallway with a shaggy, grey eyebrow.
  • 她的蝙蝠之一,被命名为粗野。
    One of her bats is named Shaggy.
  • 她该卖透明的被单还是毛发蓬松的披肩?
    Should she sell sheer sheets or should she sell shaggy shawls?
  • 他是一个年约五十一二岁的人,棕褐色皮肤,蓬松的眉毛底下有一双黑色的眼睛,胡子又长又密。
    He is a man of from fifty to fifty-two years of age, dark, with black eyes covered with shaggy eyebrows, and a thick mustache.
  • 这些所谓的纳杰迪山羊有着与众不同的高鼻梁和纤细的丝质般的蓬松毛发。
    The so-called Najdi goats have a distinctive high nose bridge and shaggy hair with a fine, silky quality.
  • 一件蓬松的红狐皮大衣。
    A shaggy red fox coat.
  • 我们很少有人是伐木工。我们生活于社会环境中。如果对于灵魂小宇宙你反应愚钝的话,你大概会被它吃了。
    Few of us are hewers of wood. We navigate social environments. If you're dumb about The Big Shaggy, you'll probably get eaten by it.
  • 被毛:丰富的、粗质手感,蓬松,不直且不卷曲;
    HAIR : Profuse, of good harsh texture, not straight, but shaggy and free from curl.
  • 它们的身体覆盖着长达3英尺的粗密毛发,以及一层紧贴皮肤的绒毛。
    They were coated with shaggy hair up to 3ft long and a layer of wool next to their skin.
  • 和一根毛发蓬松的头发一只骆马做!
    A llama with a shaggy hair do!
  • 国王看著这个小矮人,他觉得非常讶异,因为这个小矮人的头发不但蓬松杂乱,而且他看起来就像是带有魔力的侏儒一般,丑陋极了。
    When the King looked at him, he was surprised for he was little and ugly as a troll, and his hair was shaggy and messy.
  • 我们把柔顺的和蓬松的称之为崇高,而把光滑的和粗糙的称之为泛情。
    Of all these it is the combed and the shaggy that we call sublime, while calling glossy and unkempt those that have a superfluity of resonance.
  • 喂,你站在池边的蓬头的榕树,你可会忘记了那小小的孩子,就像那在你的枝上筑巢又离开了你的鸟儿似的孩子?
    YOU shaggy-headed banyan tree standing on the bank of the pond, have you forgotten the little child, like the birds that have nested in your branches and left you?