setting products

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Setting products - 套系产品
Setting up products - 建立产品
trend-setting products - 潮流的产品,引领潮流的产品,潮流产品
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  • 并专门成立设计部和制作部,拥有一批致力于设计与制作的高素质人才。
    In addition, we strive for top-ranking designs and products by setting up Design and Production Department to promote a group of high quality talents.
  • 了解不同产品模具的应用设置;
    Setting up moulds for different products;
  • 时尚奢侈品公司以善于以它们的产品引导时尚潮流著称,但是它们的媒体偏好却令人吃惊地落伍。
    Luxury fashion companies are known for setting trends when it comes to their products, but their media preferences are surprisingly dated.
  • 这个系列新产品的灵感,来源于落日在蔚蓝色清澈水面上形成的色彩。
    The inspiration for the series of new products, from the setting sun in the blue clear color formation on the surface.
  • LDAP 服务器(用于设置到云中的产品的登录)
    LDAP servers (for setting up logins to products in the cloud)
  • 我建议先杜绝动物产品,将植物油控制在最低限度,维持三个星期左右。
    I recommend setting the animal products aside and keeping vegetable oils to a minimum for just three weeks or so.
  • 配有吸塑产品数量设定装置,适用于批量产品或每卷胶片生产统计。
    Blister products' quantity setting device, applicable to mass production or film production statistics.
  • 产品 —— 设置所需服务和它们的文档;策略是一个常见的例子,服务文档模板也属于此类。
    ProductsSetting requirements for services and their documentation; policies are a common example, but also templates for service documentation fall into this category.
  • 读者现在可以对建立由 SFM 管理的服务域涉及的所有产品进行配置。
    The reader can now configure all of the products involved in setting up service domains which can be managed by SFM.
  • 因此,有必要继续加强钾盐开发研究,建立新的钾肥生产基地。
    Therefore research work on development of potash products and setting up new potash production bases should be further strengthened.
  • 注:如果您想移除您的其中一个产品,请参阅以下的“改变特定产品的设置”。
    NOTE: If you wish to remove one of your products, please see "To Change Setting on Specific Products" below.
  • 解决办法是创造的所有家庭:厨房、餐厅、客厅、书房区,并利用这些作为一个合适的、自然的乔治杰森的产品。
    The solution has been to create all the components of a home: kitchen, dining, living, study areas, and use these as an appropriate and natural setting for the Georg Jensen products.
  • 品类管理包括品类设置和添加产品到品类。
    Managing the catalog consists of setting up categories and adding products to those categories.
  • 公司本着“以产品树形象,质量第一;
    Adhering to the motto of "setting up imagination with products, quality first;"
  • 构建产品业绩核算体系是解决部门业绩核算的现实途径。
    Setting up the system of products performance accounting is the true way to solve such problem.
  • 多德警告金融产业不要反对建立金融产品安全机构的建议.
    Dodd warned the financial industry against attacking the proposal for setting up a financial products safety agency.