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n. 血清;浆液
n. (Sera)人名;(意)塞拉
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  • 虽然一些microRNA在肺癌和结肠癌患者的血清中同时发现,但有10种microRNA是肺癌和结肠癌各自特异的。
    While some of these miRNAs were in common with ones found in lung cancer sera, there were 10 miRNAs specific to just lung or colorectal cancers.
  • 以世卫组织在其它治疗产品资格预审方面的经验为基础,建立治疗血清资格预审办法;
    Establish a therapeutic sera pre-qualification scheme based on WHO experience in pre-qualification of other therapeutic products;
  • 这种病的致死率为100%,但当使用治疗血清在接触后迅速获得治疗,又是100%可预防的。
    It is 100% fatal but 100% preventable when post-exposure treatment using therapeutic sera is readily available.
  • 血清microRNA指纹同样能很好地诊断结肠癌。
    A sera-miRNA fingerprint was determined for colorectal cancer as well.
  • 我们总是需要新鲜的肉类。
    We always need fresh meat," he responded in Corriere della Sera.
  • 为治疗血清的生产、质量控制和管制确定全球标准,供地方管制当局和生产厂商用作为指南;
    Define a global standard for the production, quality control, and regulation of therapeutic sera to be used as guidance by local regulatory authorities and manufacturers;
  • 它以Ombra della Sera或者夜晚的影子而著名,大概是因为它看起来像是暮光中人被拉长的身影。
    It is known as the Ombra della Sera, or Shadow of the Night, presumably because it looks like the long shadow cast by a person at twilight.
  • 不能确定所需的数量造成利润不够,所以工业化国家的治疗血清生产量正在减少。
    Production of therapeutic sera in industrialized countries is dropping due to inadequate profitability, linked to uncertainty about the quantities needed.
  • 在动物身上使用超免疫血清的实验性研究显示对疾病没有防护力。
    Experimental studies using hyper-immune sera on animals have shown no protection against the disease.
  • 在肺癌患者的血清中有63种microRNA是健康人血清中所不存在的。
    In the sera of lung cancer patients, there were 63 miRNAs that were not found in normal sera.
  • 对检查人员和生产厂家进行治疗血清生产关键性参数方面的培训;
    Train inspectors and manufacturers on the critical parameters of the production of therapeutic sera;
  • 举办区域教育讲习班,协助遵循生产操作规范的原则实施治疗血清生产的质量和安全要求;
    Conduct regional educational workshops to help the implementation of quality and safety requirements for production of therapeutic sera following the principles of good manufacturing practices;