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n. 秘密;隐私(secret的复数)
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  • 但是,法老的某些秘密只有通过研究他们的木乃伊才能得以揭示。
    There are some secrets of the pharaohs, however, that can be revealed only by studying their mummies.
  • 办公室秘密的另一个来源是家庭生活压力。
    Other office secrets spring from the pressures of family life.
  • 你知道彼得和他的秘密。
    You know Peter and his secrets.
  • 这里不再有秘密。
    No more secrets here!
  • 她不会把他的秘密泄露给我。
    She would not betray his secrets to me.
  • 如果你正准备投身到IT这行,或者你还是个IT新手,下面列出的很多"小秘密"也许会让你惊讶不已,因为我们通常不会大声的讨论它们。
    If you are preparing for a career in IT or are new to IT, many of the “dirty little secrets” listed below may surprise you because we don’t usually talk about them out loud.
  • 这篇文章将要提到的战略设计师的5个秘密就是来源于我个人思考总结的一些结论,现在分享于你们。
    These 5 secrets of Strategic Designers have been derived from some of my conclusions, and I would like to now share this with you.
  • 然而,我这次心得体会中最值得一提的是:即使是在最阴暗的冬天,大自然仍然试图告诉我们它的秘密!
    But the best part of what I learned was that even in the darkest days of winter, nature is still trying to tell us its secrets!
  • 他表露了他心中的秘密。
    He unlocked the secrets of his heart.
  • 这些印第安人知道的大自然的秘密比我们用科学知识知道得还多。
    These old Indians know more of the secrets of nature than we do with all our science.
  • 我们在不同程度上艘有一些甚至连最亲密的朋友也不想让他们知道的秘密,但是却极少有人有橱中骷髅。
    To varyingdegrees, we all have secrets which we do not want evenour closest friends to learn, but few of us have skeletons in the cupboard.
  • 你也许会感到你丈夫背叛了你。 你可能固守着一个观念,就是成年人之间不应该有秘密,特别是关于孩子的问题上。
    You may feel especially betrayed by your husband; you may subscribe to the belief that there should be no secrets between the adults, especially about the kids.
  • 她对我说,“我喜欢上网”,“因为这里没有任何秘密。
    "I love the internet," she said to me, "because there are no secrets.
  • 但是现在,这些苔藓的一些秘密被公开了。
    But now, some of the moss’s secrets are out.
  • 无论是蜥蜴还是玻璃,都没有任何秘密。
    Neither the lizard nor the glass has any secrets.
  • 那些秘密使我相当困苦,因为我向公众呈现出一个人,同时还有另一个内在正真实忍受痛苦的人。
    Those secrets made me extremely uncomfortable, since I was presenting one person to the public while there was this other person inside who was really suffering.
  • 即使是安德森沉睡中的街道也有着它们的秘密。
    Even the sleepy streets of Anderson have their secrets, though.