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n. 座位;所在地;职位
vt. 使…坐下;可容纳…的;使就职
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  • “请坐,”他不耐烦地说道。
    'Take a seat,' he said in a bored tone
  • 你得退居二线,把过去和将来都捋清楚。
    You need to take a back seat and think about both past and future
  • 我们在一个小角落找了个位子,吃了点午饭。
    We found a seat in a little nook, and had some lunch.
  • 他坐上了驾驶员的位置发动了引擎。
    He got into the driving seat and started the engine.
  • 他挥手指了指一把椅子,自己在书桌旁坐了下来。
    He waved towards a chair, and seated himself at the desk.
  • 你坐在这个座位上舒坦吗?
    Are you comfortable in this seat?
  • 在这个国家通常是男尊女卑。
    This is a country where women usually take a back seat.
  • 特德六岁的时候,我们认为他得知道如何系上和解开安全带了。
    When Ted was six we decided that he needed to know how to fasten and unfasten his seat belt
  • 无党派候选人在地方议会选举中赢得了多数席位。
    Independent candidates won the majority of seats on the local council.
  • 女孩儿一哭,亚当立即从座位上跳了起来。
    Adam jumped from his seat at the girl's cry
  • 他用钥匙打开车门,把外套扔到了后座上。
    He unlocked the car and threw the coat on to the back seat
  • 他始终未能如愿以偿地在公司董事会中谋得一席之地。
    He has been unsuccessful in his attempt to win a seat on the board of the company.
  • 他叹了一口气,慢慢地坐到位子上。
    He slowly sat on the seat with a sigh.
  • 他伸手从后座上取回了自己的夹克。
    He reached over and retrieved his jacket from the back seat
  • 他解开了坐椅安全带。
    He unbuckled his seat belt
  • 那个凳子的红色塑料座面已经破旧不堪。
    The stool had a torn, red plastic seat.
  • 她溜进了驾驶座,关上了门。
    She slipped into the driving seat and closed the door.
  • 整场表演我都坐在场边前排座位上。
    I had a ringside seat for the whole performance.
  • 安记得自己坐在他们车的后座上。
    Ann could remember sitting in the back seat of their car.
  • 他们分坐在桌子两边,雷切尔对他微微笑了一下。
    Rachel smiled at him as they took their seats on opposite sides of the table.
  • 安全带指示灯一关掉,我们就冲了出去。
    As soon as the seat belt sign had been switched off, we rushed out.
  • 我那桌的人如此讨厌,我只好换了座位。
    The people at my table were so obnoxious I simply had to change my seat.
  • 我坐在乘客座位上。
    I sat in the passenger seat.
  • 我把泡泡糖弄到了娜娜的车座上。
    I got bubblegum on the seat of Nanna's car.