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adj. 经验丰富的;老练的;调过味的
Seasoned - 老道,老到,加作料的
seasoned wood - 风干木材,风化材
lightly seasoned - 味淡的
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  • 卡巴纳斯先生是一位经验丰富的销售经理与超过25年的经验,销售营销,战略规划和帐户管理。
    Mr. Cabanas is a seasoned sales executive with over 25 years of experience in sales marketing, strategic planning and account management.
  • 这是一个好主意,观察一下老练的商人工作,并从中学习。
    It is a good idea to observe how seasoned traders work and learn from them.
  • 经验丰富的面包或初学者,没关系,你会发现那里的东西,这将使值得购买。
    Seasoned baker or beginner, no matter, you will find something there that will make it worth the purchase.
  • 毫无疑问,任何老练的 IT 专业人员都有这样的经历,某些项目的范围扩大太多,以致最终造成成本和资源大大超过最保守的预期。
    Any seasoned IT professional undoubtedly has stories to tell about projects that grew so much in scope to ultimately incur costs and resources far exceeding even the most prudent expectations.
  • 现年55岁的惠特曼长期在硅谷打拼,是一位经验丰富的高管,而且她在今年年初成为惠普公司董事,对公司也非常了解。
    A seasoned executive with a long history in Silicon Valley -- not to mention one familiar with the company. Whitman, 55, has been an HP director since early this year.
  • 这些协作门户要求对每一种技术您都有经验丰富的团队,因为不可能每一件事都顺利地进行。
    These collaboration portals require that you have a seasoned team on each of the technologies used because there is a little of everything going on.
  • 代替由测试规程开始,我将依次考虑每个 RUP 阶段的风险管理原则,并询问经验丰富的测试人员,为了促进那些目标他们可能会做些什么。
    Instead of starting from the Test Discipline, I will consider the risk management principles of each RUP phase in turn and ask what the seasoned tester might do to further those goals.
  • 不过,也有很多支路岔道——这部分已经被人们熟知了。 但还有些鲜为人知的地方即使是经验丰富的洞穴学家也不愿意多走。
    However there are also many side passages and branches – the part of them is known but there are really obscure places where even seasoned speleologists prefer not to go very often.
  • 因此,你应该是一个老练的商人,以依赖的趋势和幅度单。
    Therefore, you should be a seasoned trader in order to rely on the trends and ranges alone.
  • 这个近二十年没有受到家族召唤的变节者,这个经验丰富的战士熟知这个城市中的所有危险,也很清楚如何避免。
    A renegade, with no family to call his own for nearly twenty years, the seasoned fighter knew well the perils of the city, and knew how to avoid them.
  • 但是我们在现实世界中见到的谈判,或和老练的商人进行的教室模拟,针对这类问题的解决办法极其稀少。
    But as we’ve seen in real-world negotiations, as well as in classroom simulations with seasoned deal makers, this type of problem solving is exceedingly rare.
  • 我建议你太急了一些立方老练土豆和服务于那些鸡一边。
    I suggest you fry up some cubed seasoned potatoes and serve the chicks with those on the side.
  • 同时,作为一个经验丰富的政客,他也意识到了一旦民众相信熔毁即将发生,恐慌会随之而来。
    As a seasoned politician, he was also aware of the possible panic that would ensue should people come to believe a meltdown was imminent.
  • 作为一个老练的侦探,你就是这个城市的最后希望。
    As a seasoned detective, you are the city's last hope.
  • 他们与科雷利亚人齐名,都是银河系最老练的太空旅行家。
    They rank alongside the Corellians as the most seasoned space travelers in the galaxy.