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n. 青葱,冬葱;韭葱
scallion - 青葱,大葱,葱
scallion leek - 青葱
Scallion Chicken - 葱油鸡
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  • 粤菜的调味品有葱,姜,辣椒糖,盐,酱油,料酒, 醋,葱油,香油。
    The Condiment of cantonese cuisine has spring onion, ginger, peppers sugar, salt, soy sauce, rice wine, vinegar, scallion oil, and sesam oil.
  • 那是葱油饼,那是八宝饭,很甜的。想来一点吗?
    That's green scallion pancake, and that's eight treasure glutinous rice pudding, very sweet. Want some?
  • 食客将馍用手撕碎,并将其放在碗里。然后,店家会把汤(还有肉,也许还有粉丝和葱花)浇在碎馍上。
    Diner shreds the bread with his hands and places the shreds in a bowl, the soup is then poured over the shreds (along with meat, maybe some noodles or scallion).
  • 当父母忙着商讨类似如何在混合人种的家庭里抚养孩子这样重要的问题时,孩子们却自得其乐,他们骑马,唱中文歌或做香煎葱油饼。
    While parents address weighty issues like how to raise kids in a mixed-race family, their children just have fun riding horses, singing Chinese songs or making scallion pancakes.
  • 目的:对葱汁的镇痛、抗炎和止血作用进行了初步实验研究。
    Objective: To study the effects of scallion juice on analgesic, anti-inflammatory and stanch bleeding.
  • 青葱常被用来佐制海鲜食品。
    Scallion is usually used for seasoning seafood dishes.
  • 苦瓜500克,排骨400克,葱段、姜片、绍酒、盐、味精适量。
    Bitter melon 500 grams, 400 grams of ribs, scallion, ginger, Shaoxing wine, salt, MSG amount.
  • 而且她经常用切好的葱段代替蒜苗。
    And she often substitutes chopped scallion greens for suanmiao (the local leek).
  • 在Daddy Jack旗下的达拉斯"新英格兰龙虾和烩浓汤餐厅"里,主菜选择包括柠檬葱酱炒罗非鱼和由乐芝饼干及蟹肉做馅的罗非鱼全餐。
    The entrées at Daddy Jack's New England Lobster &Chowder House in Dallas include sautéed tilapia with lemon scallion butter and stuffed tilapia with Ritz cracker crabmeat stuffing.
  • 关掉火,洒入花椒油,花椒面和一半的葱花。 稍微翻拌一下。
    Turn off heat and sprinkle with chili oil, Szechuan chili powder, to taste, and half scallion.
  • 我怀念我的葱油饼小摊,咸饼+蛋=世界上最好的早餐。
    I miss my scallion cake street vendor, salty fried pancake + egg on top = best breakfast food in the world.
  • 汤豆腐和冷豆腐都可以先品尝原味,然后再搭配酱汁、葱姜末一起享用。
    After tasting the tofu in its purity, you can add a bit of soy sauce, scallion, and grated ginger.
  • 珍妮: 先拿一张薄饼,把鸭片放在里面,然后把抹好酱的葱夹在饼里就可以吃了。
    Jane: Put slices of roast duck inside the thin pancakes which are smeared with sweet bean sauce and scallion.
  • 放入葱白和香菇炒香。
    Add in scallion and black mushrooms, stirring until fragrant.
  • 胡萝卜和洋葱去皮洗净切成块状,葱洗净切寸段。
    Wash and trim the scallion. Cut it into inch sections.
  • 你现在何不把那些龙虾和姜,葱一起蒸呢?
    Why do not you steam those lobsters with ginger and scallion now ?
  • 放入葱姜蒜,花椒和泡椒以及肉块煸炒。
    Stir in scallion, ginger, garlic, peppercorns , pickled chillies and pork.
  • 我要用姜、蒜、葱、辣椒和醋。
    I'll use ginger, garlic scallion, hot pepper and vinegar.
  • 它个子虽小,形态却十分饱满,上面还撒有芝麻和葱花。
    It looks small, but it is full in shape with sesame and chopped scallion pieces.
  • 食用时用小碗装羊肉汤,撒上葱花。吃肉喝汤,日食二次。
    Serve in small bowl with sprinkled scallion shreds. Eat the mutton and drink the soup twice daily.
  • 单因素分析提示脑膜瘤的发生与胡萝卜、大蒜、苹果、桔子、豆角、黄瓜、芹菜、大葱、香蕉、小辣椒呈负关联;
    The results of T test show that there was significant negative association between meningioma and tangerine, carrot, apple, garlic, banana, cucumber, celery, scallion, hot pepper and French bean.
  • 用刀把鱼下巴划开,两面打坡刀,置于盘中,加绍酒、槽盐、葱段、姜片、花椒,腌渍约15分钟。
    Chin with a knife to slash open the fish, two dozen slope knife, placed in dish, Gachot wine, tank salt, scallion, ginger, pepper, pickled about 15 minutes.