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admiral saloon - 将官厅
beauty saloon - 美容院,名廊美容美发,廊美容美发
saloon stores - 船上小卖部
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  • 这位工程师还希望清楚地表明,此车不仅是另一家大型轿车。
    The engineer also wants to make it clear that this car is not just another large saloon.
  • 每一个人的一生中,幸运女神都只来敲一次门,可是许多情况下,那个受到眷顾的人竟在隔壁的酒馆里,听不见她敲门。
    Fortune knocks at every man's door once in a life, but in a good many cases, the man is in a neighboring saloon and does not hear her.
  • 麦卡锡精巧地展示了这孩子舒缓漫长的成长过程,从一个常见的莽撞的印第安人头皮猎取者,成长为最后在酒吧争论中法官的无畏的对抗者。
    McCarthy subtly shows us the long, slow development of the Kid from another mindless scalper of Indians to the courageous confronter of the Judge in their final debate in a saloon.
  • 为节省时间,你能将所有船员在大台集中接受检查吗?。
    To save time, could you gather all the crew members in saloon for inspection?
  • 他带着有关珍珠街一家酒店的一则小广告。
    One little advertisement he had, relating to a saloon down in Pearl Street.
  • 在大厅里,…地板上的锯木屑两周一次地变成尘雾、倾盆大雨或日光下偶尔出现的碎片。
    In the. saloon. the sawdust on the floor gets changed biweekly come fog, downpour or the occasional shard of sunlight.
  • 她拿不准要不要往酒吧间告诉约翰·法阿等人,但后来想,他们要是想知道,一定会问她的;
    She wondered whether to go to the saloon and tell John Faa and the others, but decided that they'd ask her if they wanted to know.
  • 当一个玩家被啤酒或沙龙补血时,喝一口。
    Whenever a player heals a bullet (either with a beer card or having saloon played for him) he takes a drink.
  • 不过,星期六晚上在马特酒吧却见不到一个真正的牛仔。
    But in Matt's Saloon on Saturday night, real cattlemen could not be found.
  • 起防护作用的遮阳棚是驾驶舱的一个必需品,因此,它就相当于主沙龙的一个延伸。
    Bimini for protection is a must over the cockpit so that this makes just as an extension of the main saloon.
  • 在街的另一边是一条历史著名的牛仔酒吧街——威士忌街,但在周六晚上的马特酒吧,却见不到一个真正的牛仔。
    On the other side of the street is Whiskey Row, a famous strip of historic cowboy bars. But in Matt's Saloon on Saturday night, real cattlemen could not be found.
  • 他们正在享受免费的午餐——在最后一次机会的酒店。
    They are enjoying a free lunch—in the last chance saloon.
  • 为什么比尔·梅里特的儿子在奥马哈的酒吧里把脖子都摇断了?
    Why did Bill Merrit's son die of the shakes in a saloon in Omaha?
  • 这立即解除了在昏暗的酒吧里的男人们的担心。
    It instantly removed a bond from the men in the darkened saloon.
  • 或者,他们可以在梅吉.穆斯沙龙吃晚餐,并聆听现场音乐会。
    Or they can eat dinner and listen to live music at the Mangy Moose Saloon.
  • 这种独特的模式结合在一个豪华轿车和高性能跑车的特质,这种优势提高到一个新的,前所未有的水平。
    This unique model combines the qualities of a luxury saloon and a high-performance sports car in one, raising this superiority to a new, unprecedented level.