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n. 推销员;售货员
salesman - 售货员,推销员,业务员
Market salesman - 市场推广员,市场销售员
Bulletproof Salesman - 防弹推销员
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推销员 / 男售货员
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推销员, 业务员; 男店员, 男售货员
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  • 做了六年的体力劳动后他终于被允许培养成一个推销员。
    After six years of manual labor he was finally allowed to train as a salesman.
  • 你知道我是一个很棒的推销员。
    You know that I am a great salesman.
  • 显然,我缺乏高明的推销员所拥有的所有特质。
    Apparently, I lacked nearly all the attributes of the master salesman.
  • 杂音就是所有的那些试图通过那些媒体,科技或者推销员等各种方式联系到你的各种信息。
    The noise is everything that is trying to communicate with you by way of media, technology, or salesman.
  • 这个推销员每销售一辆汽车得到50美元的回扣。
    The salesman got a $50 commission for every car he sold.
  • 我的第一次经历是在 1974 年,我需要适应一个数据点计算机,而销售员告诉我可以用他们的新系统做到。
    My first experience came in 1974; I needed to adapt a Datapoint computer, and the salesman told me I could do that with their new systems.
  • 无论你是学生、家庭主妇、幼儿班教师、售货员、经理或做其他工作的人,你要经常留意、找寻神放在你身边,可以让你与之分享好消息的对象。
    As a student, mother, preschool teacher, salesman, or manager or whatever you do, you should continually look for people God places in your path with whom you can share the gospel.
  • 售货员: 嗯,你知道是哪个出版社出的吗?
    Salesman: Well, do you know what publisher it is?
  • 你曾经和一个保险推销员待过一整夜么?
    Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?
  • 我控制自己的命运,而我的命运就是成为世界上最伟大的推销员!
    Today I control my destiny, and my destiny is to become the greatest salesman in the world!
  • 我们是一家很好的代理机构,因为我们有一群训练有素的推销员。
    We can be a good agent because we have a group of well trained salesman.
  • 我不留恋从前那种洋葱式的生活,我要成为万树之王--橄榄树,成为现实生活中最伟大的推销员。
    It has not pleased me. Now I wouldst become the greatest of olive trees and, in truth, the greatest of salesman.
  • 这就是我近乎痴迷的决心,那种在内心中燃烧的、无法阻止的、要成为顶级推销员的渴望。
    That was a determination so strong it amounted almost to an obsession - a burning, overwhelming desire to become a top salesman.
  • 有一天,一个旅行推销员以时速30英里的速度开车去一个小镇子,忽然他发现有一只三条腿的小鸡在他的车旁奔跑。
    One day a traveling salesman was driving down a back country road at about 30 mph when he noticed that there was a three-legged chicken running alongside his car.
  • 这个推销员骗了我们!
    This salesman ripped us off!
  • 推销员用欺骗手段把假钻石卖给了这位太太。
    The salesman fobbed off an imitation diamond on the lady.
  • 有了爱,我将成为伟大的推销员,即使才疏智短,也能以爱心获得成功;相反地,如果没有爱,即使博学多识,也终将失败。
    With love I will increase my sales a hundredfold and become a great salesman. If I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone.
  • 售货员一分钱也不肯减少。
    The salesman won't bate a penny of it.
  • 如果这台机器真如销售员所说的那样,铁路公司就计划购买它。
    The railroad company planned to buy the machine if it worked as well as the salesman said.
  • 他的母亲是家庭妇女,父亲是汽车推销员。
    His mother was a homemaker; his father, a car salesman.