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  • 他说:“为这二十个的缘故,我也不毁灭那城。”
    " He said, "For the sake of twenty, I will not destroy it.
  • 为了孩子们我们搬到了一个离学校近的比较小的单元里。
    We moved to a smaller apartment near the school for our childrens sake.
  • 可是为了我的缘故,你们现在非作朋友不可。
    Yet, for my sake, you must be friends now.
  • 但是对我来说“你有足够好的一天”大致翻译为“你有一个略微无聊和自满的一天,你因为自身的缘故存活下来的普通的一天。”
    But to me "You have a good enough day" translates roughly into "You have a day of mild boredom and complacency, an average day that you survive just for the sake of it".
  • 换言之,他们这么做是自愿想给他人带来利益,而不仅仅是将其作为一种实现自我满足的方式。
    In other words, they desire the good of others for its own sake, not simply as a means to their own satisfaction.
  • 更甚之,他们的婚姻与繁殖后代将会是,如他所说的只是为了这座城市。
    Furthermore, their marriages and their procreations will be, he tells us, for the sake of the city.
  • 为了我们所有人好,我们应该积极参与水资源的保护。
    For the sake of us all, we should be an active participator in the prevention of it.
  • 所以,为了我们的健康和学,习,我们必须吃早餐。
    So for the sake of our health and our study, we must have breakfast.
  • 但是不仅仅是为了科学本身,或者因为他们错误地认为科学拥有人类进步的“关键”或提供了可以看见这类进步的镜头。
    But not just for its own sake or because they mistakenly believe that science holds "the key" to human progress or provides the lens through which such progress should be viewed.
  • 为了安全,他们用绳子把她和我们相互系在一起。
    They roped her on to us for the sake of safety.
  • 爱你们是为真理的缘故,这真理存在我们里面,也必永远与我们同在。
    For the truth's sake, which dwelleth in us, and shall be with us for ever.
  • 不过,为了你的工作,你也许会希望为此付出更多努力。
    For the sake of your office, however, you might want to try harder.
  • 最佳政体的公民,据他所说,如果有义务上的需要,必需要能承担战争,但目的必需仅限于为了和平与安逸。
    The citizen of the best regime he says must be able to sustain war if duty requires but only for the sake of peace and leisure.
  • 如果在您的公司(或者更糟糕,在您的团队)存在进行牛仔编码的人员,为了客户的利益着想,您应该竭尽全力地改变这种情况。
    If there are people cowboy coding in your company, or even worse—on your team—do everything you can to change that for the sake of your customers.
  • 她来访只是为了礼貌。
    She called on us merely for the sake of courtesy.
  • 但是,她应当在这次与下次怀孕之间留出间隔,既是为她也是为孩子的健康着想。
    Yet, she should leave space between one pregnancy and the next for the sake of her and the baby’s health.
  • 为了你的缘故,我但愿他们是对的。
    I wish for your sake they were right.