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n. 方向舵;船舵(rudder的复数)
diving rudders - 横舵
ancient rudders - 古舵
fleachking rudders - 侧翼舵
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  • 一伺服将经营斯特恩的飞机,和其他将经营舵。
    One servo will operate the stern planes, and the other will operate the rudders.
  • 同时当船舶在营运过程,为了降低成本、减少舵机磨损,需尽可能的直线航行、少打舵。
    In order to reduce costs and decrease attrition of steering gear is required as straight line navigation and playing fewer rudders.
  • 我们的想法和语言就像是大脑袋饿舵手,它们决定着我们生活的方向。
    Our thoughts and words are like the rudders of our ship … they determine the direction our lives are heading.
  • 铝制船舶上的腐蚀的通常形式是船体钢板、船舵、船底龙骨上的局部点状腐蚀,特别是在焊缝方面。
    Corrosion on Aluminum vessels is also generally in the form of localized pitting to the hull plate, rudders, bilge keels and particularly in way of weld seams.
  • Rudders说,这些现象归结于在2006年前急诊中心对过敏反应缺乏共同的认知。
    These findings may be due to lack of a universal understanding of anaphylaxis in the ED before 2006, Rudders says.
  • 所有舵造成拖累,既当督导船并在“中立”立场。
    All rudders cause drag, both when steering the boat and in the "neutral" position.
  • 一对船舵负责掌握方向,还有活动船板和2个船桨。
    Twin rudders provided the steering, along with centerboards and two oars.
  • 这些东西进行替换是很昂贵而且它们对船舶而言很重要。螺旋桨或者船舵的故障会造成灾难性的后果。
    The propellers, shafts, shaft brackets, stern tubes and rudders which are expensive to replace and vital to the vessel, the failure of a propeller or rudder could have disastrous consequences.
  • 双份燃料不仅仅打来更好的适航性,也同样因备份的舵而带来更多安全性。
    Redundancy of engines gives not only better manoeuvrability, but also better security as give redundancy of the rudders.
  • 本文运用有限基本解方法求解舵的流体动力。
    This article uses the finite basic solution to solve the fluid dynamic force of rudders.
  • 这种认知差异后来已开始纠正,而且Rudders希望她的研究能推动这方面的进展。
    That gap in knowledge has been closing since, and Rudders hopes her study will move things forward.
  • 这是原来的意图,并首次安装了移动方向舵的方法。
    This was the original intent, and the way the first movable rudders were installed.
  • 在这里,我已暂时安装了两个顶部和底部的舵,以确保不结盟适合。
    Here , I ve temporarily installed both the top and bottom rudders to ensure an aligned fit.