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adj. 危险的;冒险的;(作品等)有伤风化的
RISKY - Risky,RISKY,危险的
risky asset - 风险资产,风险性资产,有风险资产
risky behavior - 危险行为,险行为
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危险的 / 有风险的
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  • 他感受到要了解他在哪里以及他是谁的危险但始终强烈的好奇心。
    He experiences the risky but always fertile curiosity to know where he is and who he is.
  • 女孩们应该尽量避免危险的环境,不要夜里独自外出,甚至只是去取柴火,这些都会让他们身处险境。
    Young girls should avoid risky environments, like moving alone at night or even just going to fetch firewood, which puts their lives in danger.
  • 经营你自己的企业是非常冒险的,虽然你可以得到一些保险,但这不像大多数的投资选择。
    It’s absolutely risky to run a business of your own and while you can get some insurance, it’s not like most investment options.
  • 走出熟知的路线是冒险的,如果我们这么做就可能对接下来发生的事感到恐惧。
    Steering off the known track is risky, and we are terrified of what might happen if we do.
  • 那样做是冒险和不平衡的。
    That would be risky and unbalanced.
  • 这样的决定,在那时,对于我而言,似乎是毫无理由的,但与此同时却是极其危险的,同时会将我本人带向毁灭。
    Such an emergence seemed, then, to me, and not without reason, to be very risky because it might lead to the loss of my manuscripts, and to my own destruction.
  • 证据表明,特别危险的接触发生在家禽屠宰、拔毛和准备烹调期间。
    Evidence suggests that particularly risky exposure occurs during the slaughter, defeathering, and preparation of poultry for cooking.
  • 这是很冒险的一着棋:税收议案和教师考试议案可能都无法通过。
    It was a risky gambit: I could have lost both the tax and the testing law.
  • 如果他们把整个客户群从某个媒介带走那将是非常危险的。
    That is highly risky if they take their entire client base away from one medium.
  • 这将使沃伦绕开参议院的提名程序,有人士推测这将会是一个冒险之举。
    This will allow her to bypass what some have speculated would be a risky Senate nomination process.
  • 更改工具,特别是在项目中期,可能会是一个危险且代价昂贵的过程。
    Changing tools, particularly in the middle of a project, can be a risky and expensive process.
  • 自恋主义在自我信仰和信心方面有一定的好处,研究员们说,但也会付出代价,往往会与冒险的决策制定,攻击性和易沉溺联系在一起。
    Narcissism has its benefits in terms of self belief and confidence, the researchers said, but also comes with costs, tending to be associated with risky decision-making, aggression and addiction.
  • 但是,这是一场危险的游戏。
    But it is a risky game.
  • 这种想法部分正确,但仍是一个危险的主张。
    That idea has some merit, but is still a risky proposition.
  • 报告还提到,那些加入陆军的年轻人在战争期间,也许会比他们城里的同龄人有更加危险地忍耐力,导致在服役期间更多的危险行为。
    The report also notes that young people who join the Army in wartime may have a greater risk tolerance than their civilian peers, leading to more risky behavior while in the service.