right on

—— 英文翻译成中文


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right on - 好极了,正前方,对啊
right separdined on - 立地
right here on - 元宵节祝福
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  • “一些人的牲畜就埋在他们的农场里,”他说。
    "Some have them buried right on their farm," he says.
  • 天啊,它还在那儿,我们第一次约会就是在那里。
    It’s still there. We have our first date right on there.
  • 如果你错过了节目,你只能保持正常的生活节奏。
    If you missed your show, you just kept right on living life.
  • 后来他们就开始行动起来了,”他说。
    After that conversation, they were right on it, " he said.
  • 在第一大街向右转,然后走到第一大街1543号。
    Turn right on the first street and go to 1543 first street.
  • 我从不会从盒子里拿出新的运动鞋,直接换上就来到场上。
    I would never take new shoes out of the box and go right on court.
  • 我的脚踝就像天空一样红,还有着一个个完美的地球(这里指蚊子叮咬的包——译者注)。 骨头右边是绝对没有肉的,只有许多皮肤下的血管。
    My ankle was as red as the sky with a perfect globe, right on the bone where there is absolutely no flesh but just a huge vein under the skin.
  • 这只是一个示例,因此如果您想要使用其他选项,那么完全没有问题。
    This is just an example, so if you prefer to use another one, go right on ahead.
  • 哈尔曾表示,因为探测器会被冻在冰中间,因此科学家们可以将冰面上用于获取数据的电子器件和计算机直接放置在探测器的顶部。
    Because the detectors will be frozen into the ice, scientists were able to place the surface-based data-acquisition electronics and computers right on top of the detector, Halzen said.
  • 如果它是来自柑橘,他们会这样说的话,就是正确的。
    If it was from oranges, they would say so, right on the can.
  • 但是,可以在命令行上做所有这些工作。
    However, you can do all that work right on the command line.
  • 如果那个人过于强调简单,而将正确的想法变成了愚蠢的,那么另一个人就可以制止这种愚蠢的行为。
    If the other mind goes for simple and passes right on to stupid, the other can stop the madness.
  • 它们刚好种在大树的滴水线下,所以每当下雨的时候,所有雨滴都刚好落在芦笋上。
    It is right at the drip line of the tree. So when it rains, all the rain drips down right on the asparagus.
  • 它就位于您的桌面上,以便您在工作时能随时根据需要查看时间。
    It sits right on your desktop so that you can see it anytime you want to while working.
  • “典型发展儿童”这个词描述了在平常,健康发展和学术成就上是走正确路线的孩子。
    The term, “typically developing child” describes a child who is right on track for normal, healthy development and academic success.
  • 对于嵌入式应用程序,另一个关键需求是能够在模拟环境中或直接在目标设备中运行。
    Another key requirement for embedded applications is the ability to run either in an emulated environment or right on the target device.
  • 在大选的当天,我仍然认为艾尔会赢,因为他有好的势头,并且在争议性问题上的主张都是正确的。
    Going into election day, I still thought Al would win because he had the momentum and he was right on the issues.