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n. 干草堆;扭伤;柴垛;桶架
v. 把……堆成垛;扭伤
n. (Rick) (英、美、德)里克(人名)
Rick - 里克,瑞克,郭正男
Rick Owens - 瑞克·欧文斯,瑞克,欧文斯
Rick Springfield - 里克·斯普林菲尔德,菲尔德,瑞克史普林菲尔
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  • 就在那时,里克对我讲述了他的梦想:他想当一名航天员。
    That's when Rick told me about his dream: He wanted to be an astronaut.
  • 里克给了金姆一点钱,这样她就可以搭的士去一个安全的地方。
    Rick gives Kim money so that she can take a cab to a safe place.
  • 我想和瑞克在一起。
    I want to be with Rick.
  • “这就是我要找到她的原因,因为她的离去只是由于一些错误的理由。”瑞克说。
    "That's why I need to find her, because she left for all the wrong reasons, " said Rick.
  • 里克:在钢琴那边。
    Rick: over the piano.
  • 她们设法跑开了,丹和里克在后面追她们。
    They manage to run off, and Dan and Rick chase after them.
  • 她没有想到在那么多人中间,瑞克最开心的是见到她。
    She had never imagined that of all people Rick would be so happy to see her.
  • 泰瑞和金姆母女向水塔方向行进,杰克和里克在她们后面不远处。
    Teri and Kim head for the water tower alone with Jack and Rick not far behind.
  • 瑞克:“因为他们需要我。
    Rick: Because they need me.
  • 瑞克:那些在桌子里的是什么?
    Rick:What are those in the desk?
  • 我的第一个名字是里克,但是许多年里我没有用它。
    My first name is Ricky, but I have gone by Rick for many years.
  • 瑞克:你知道我和我女朋友在一起好几年了。
    Rick: You know my girlfriend and I have been together for years.
  • 里克:全世界有这么多城市,城市里有这么多酒吧,可她却偏偏来到我的酒吧。
    Rick: Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.
  • 里克:为什么我如此幸运。为什么我会发现你在等我出现。
    Rick: Why Im so lucky. Why I should find you waiting for me to come along.
  • 里克:那等你到了那里,再问我吧。
    Rick: When you get there, ask me!
  • 里克:记住,我这把枪但是对准了你的心脏。 。
    Rick: : And remember, this gun is pointed right at your heart.
  • 里克:记住,我这把枪可是对准了你的心脏。
    Rick: And remember, this gun is pointed right at your heart.
  • 还有,里克·佩里建议该机构应该废除。
    And Rick Perry suggested the agency should be abolished.
  • 金姆和里克在丹的房间里,搜寻可能会帮助她找到泰瑞的信息。
    Kim and Rick search Dan’s room for information that could help her find Teri.
  • 里克:哈!你理解我的感受。当初我们在一起有多长时间,亲爱的?
    Rick: Huh! You understand how I feel. How long was it we had, honey?
  • 里克:该我祝贺你。
    Rick: I congratulate you.
  • 里克:你这是什么意思?
    Rick: What do you mean?
  • 丹和里克看到姑娘们跑开了。
    Dan and Rick see the girls run off.
  • 我对里克无所不爱:他的温存体贴、他的聪明才智和正直诚恳以及他对家人的亲近。
    I loved everything about Rick: his kindness and warmth, his intelligence and integrity and his closeness to his family.