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[口腔] 固位体
Retainers - 保持器,家叮,有的随从
Loyal Retainers - 忠臣
valve retainers - 半圆形止推圈
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  • 通过两个弹簧固定器和阀杆可以恢复弹簧负载。
    The spring load is captured by the two spring retainers and the stem.
  • 模具需保证易坏的镶快、 冲头、 固定器、 引导冲组装的易换性。
    A. All dies will be changeability of perishable die blocks , punches, retainers , die buttons , and pilots.
  • 我的儿子和家臣们,让我们高兴的是,我们发现一个安全的避风港,但这是暂时的。
    My sons and my retainers, let us rejoice that we have found a safe haven, however temporary.
  • 弹簧负载的咬合杆打开了咬合床,同时收回泵管夹持具,这样泵管就恰好滑动到泵头内。
    The spring-loaded occlusion lever opens the occlusion bed and simultaneously retracts the tubing retainers so that tubing slips right in.
  • 利用钢缆设置桥塞和/或水泥限位器,下放、取回井下压力、温度计,进行生产测井。
    Wireline services to set bridge plugs and / or cement retainers and to run and retrieve pressure / temperature gauges and production logs.
  • 仆人服侍他们的老爷。
    The retainers attended their lord.
  • 无论如何,我还是在2009年,在Scott Thornle公司工作者的帮助下,建设这个网站。
    Anyway, there I was, back in 2009, building the site, with the aid of the jolly retainers over at Scott Thornley + Company.
  • 观察了边缘适合性,测量了固位力,同时进行了初步临床应用观察。
    The marginal fits were observed. And the retentive forces were measured. Then the retainers were used in clinic.
  • 弹簧固定器不能被拆卸维修。
    The spring retainers are not to be removed for servicing.
  • 模具需保证易坏的镶快、冲头、固定器、引导冲组装的易换性。
    A. All dies will be constructed for inter-changeability of perishable die blocks, punches , retainers, die buttons, and pilots.
  • 布鲁克·阿斯特夫人最后的一段日子告诉我们,一个老人可以是多么的脆弱和不幸,即使他家财万贯,即使他有再多的仆人。
    Brooke Astor's last days remind us how tragically vulnerable the old can be, even when wealthy and surrounded by retainers.
  • 图片2显示阀与气门弹簧家臣准备。
    Photo 2 shows the valves with the valve spring retainers ready to go.
  • DMR旅行服务按月收取费用,以每月20个小时,675美元为最低价。
    Fees are based on monthly retainers which start at $675 for a 20-hour month.