respiratory tract

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[解剖] 呼吸道
respiratory tract - 呼吸道,各种安有橡皮球囊的玻璃管装置,人或动物由鼻腔,用于转移
respiratory y tract - 呼吸道
respiratory l tract - 呼吸道
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  • 它还会导致身体处于紧张状态,阻止消化系统肌肉的放松和呼吸道的正常的工作。
    It can also lead to tension in the body, which could prevent the smooth muscles of the digestive system and respiratory tract from working as they should.
  • 与吸烟者生活在一起的儿童容易患中耳炎和下呼吸道感染。
    Children who live with smokers are more likely to develop middle ear infections (otitis media) and lower respiratory tract infections.
  • 他女儿发现了之后赶紧叫了救护车,但是这位老人仍然因为鼻血堵塞呼吸道而窒息去世。
    After his daughter found him and called an ambulance the old man died "because of a respiratory tract clogged by a nosebleed".
  • 眼眶蜂窝织炎典型表现为发热,眼睑发红、肿胀、触痛,且近期常有鼻窦炎或上呼吸道感染病史。
    Orbital cellulitis typically presents with fever and an erythematous, swollen, tender eyelid with a recent history of sinusitis or upper respiratory tract infection.
  • 偶然接触者的低传播率表明,如果确实发生,经过呼吸道的空气传播是无效的。
    The low rate of transmission to persons with casual contact suggests that aerosol transmission via the respiratory tract is not efficient, if it occurs at all.
  • 最常见报告的反应包括上呼吸道疾病、皮疹和尿路感染。
    The most commonly reported reactions included upper respiratory tract infections, rash, and urinary tract infections.
  • 除一些其它部分外,该病主要侵犯皮肤,周围神经,上呼吸道粘膜和眼睛。
    The disease mainly affects the skin, the peripheral nerves, mucosa of the upper respiratory tract and also the eyes, apart from some other structures.
  • 兽医的验尸报告显示,在这只狗的呼吸道内没有热伤的证据,另外也没有在狗的嘴部和足部发现损伤,这表明当时这只狗并没有做无谓的反抗,或试图逃脱。
    His report found that there was no evidence of heat injury to the dog's respiratory tract. No mouth or foot abrasions were found, indicating the dog did not try to escape.
  • 传染病。与吸烟者生活在一起的儿童容易患中耳炎和下呼吸道感染。
    Infections. Children who live with smokers are more likely to develop middle ear infections (otitis media) and lower respiratory tract infections.
  • 干咳指不从呼吸道排出痰液的咳嗽。
    A non-productive cough does not expel sputum from the respiratory tract.
  • 呼吸道的炎症导致咳嗽、粘液分泌、加重哮喘和慢性支气管炎并使人们更易患呼吸道感染。
    Inflammation of the respiratory tract causes coughing, mucus secretion, aggravation of asthma and chronic bronchitis and makes people more prone to infections of the respiratory tract.
  • 倒置体式能清理上呼吸道,排出鼻腔内的分泌物,让新鲜富氧的血液循环到口腔。
    Inversions can help clear the upper respiratory tract and drain secretions from the nose, allowing freshly oxygenated blood to flow into the oral cavity.
  • 在许多患者身上观察到的一项特征是,疾病初期会出现下呼吸道症状。
    One feature seen in many patients is the development of lower respiratory tract early in the illness.
  • 报告同时指出,通过改善室内和室外空气质量,例如使用更清洁的家用燃料,可以减少42%的下呼吸道感染。
    It also says infections of the lower respiratory tract could be cut by 42 per cent in developing countries by improving indoor and outdoor air quality, for example by using cleaner household fuels.