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n. [古] 复制品(reproduction的复数)
Reproductions - 复制品,复制图,唱片名
Antiques Reproductions - 古董复制
Vintage Reproductions - 古着
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  • 印象派绘画的复制品已全部售出。
    All the reproductions of Impressionist paintings have been sold out.
  • 投资者可能对便宜的复制品抱有怀疑。
    Investors may be suspicious of cheap reproductions.
  • 迪特里希说,在去年的伦敦拍卖会之后,克里斯蒂拍卖行被自称有“泰坦尼克号”物品的顾客弄得应接不暇,但其中99%的物品被证明是复制品。
    Dietrich said that after the London sale last year, Christie's was inundated with offers of what people thought were Titanic artifacts, but about 99 percent proved to be reproductions.
  • 虽说这幅画很像复制品,但是它的光辉是无法掩盖的。
    Although the image is familiar from reproductions, the radiance of the painting is surprising.
  • 对于所有的复制品,保留所有的著作权和其他专有权通知。
    All copyright and other proprietary notices shall be retained on all reproductions.
  • 生动的再生产带来词和想法给生活。
    The vivid reproductions bring words and ideas to life.
  • 广播组织应有权禁止向公众发行和进口未经授权制作的其广播节目的录制品的复制品。
    Broadcasting organizations shall have the right to prohibit the distribution to the public and importation of reproductions of unauthorized fixations of their broadcasts.
  • 提交原件或者原物确有困难的,可以提交复制品、照片、副本、节录本。
    If it is truly difficult to present the original document or material, then reproductions, photographs, duplicates or extracts of the original may be submitted.
  • 一项初步研究证明这些技术可以粗略重现志愿者所观看的短的视频信号。
    One preliminary study even demonstrated that these techniques can produce rough reproductions of short video clips watched by volunteers.
  • 我们所有的复制品都有明确的标志和标价。
    All our reproductions are clearly marked and priced.
  • 摄影从一开初便被报刊采用,但早期摄影照片的复制品效果粗糙,达不到照片原作的清晰程度。
    From the Outset, photography has served the press, but the early reproductions, were generally crude and carried little of the conviction of the original photograph.
  • 但问题是:只有做梦的人知道复制的图像是否精确。
    The problem, however: Only the dreamer knows if the reproductions are accurate.
  • 然而, 卡波迪蒙特的藏品却要靠复制品或被租借到国际上展出而闻名.
    Yet the contents of the Capodimonte are best known from reproductions or loans to international exhibitions.
  • 在那里他研究了最近经过数字化的贝尔个人论文复制品。
    There, he was studying recently digitized reproductions of the private papers of Bell.
  • 去参观的一个理由就是原版的照片表达的意义远远超过其复制品。
    One reason to visit it is that the original prints convey so much more than the reproductions.
  • 我昨天走进一家摆满古董复制品的小店。
    Yesterday I walked into a small shop that was cramped with antique reproductions.