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n. 再生;化身
reincarnation - 转世,转世,轮回
Afterlife reincarnation - 来世轮回
Reincarnation demons - 轮回恶魔
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化身; 轮回说; 转世
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  • 依我看来,死了就是死了,并没有什么投胎转世。
    That is exactly what my view of death is without any reincarnation.
  • 极端正统的犹太法官们要求对一只狗处以极刑,因为他们认为这条狗是过去一名世俗律师的转世化身。
    Thought to be a reincarnation of a secular lawyer, the ultra-Orthodox judges are calling for the dog to be put to death.
  • 如果是这样的话,地球上的学习就没有必要了,你们所谓的在地球上转世就没有必要了。
    If it were there would be no need for lesson, no need for what you term reincarnation.
  • 这个女子要对她的再生负责。
    And this woman is responsible for a reincarnation.
  • 你可能有些不同的观点,是关于,对于转世投胎是否真的存在,在座的各位可能会有很多不同的看法,但我们可以想象一下
    Now, you might have different views around-- People around this room will have different views as to whether reincarnation really exists, but we can imagine it.
  • “不过,我有点担心,”这位39岁的主持说。 他被看成一位智慧先祖的化身,或称活菩萨。
    “But I am a little worried, ” says the 39-year-old abbot, who is considered to be a reincarnation—or living Buddha—of one of his enlightened predecessors.
  • 这周的文章是关于再生的话题,其他的关于往生,死亡体验,死亡幻觉,鬼影和灵魂的话题将会不定期出版。
    This week’s article is about reincarnation. Others on past life regression, near death experiences, death bed visions, crisis apparitions, and ghosts, will follow at irregular intervals.
  • 令人惊奇的是,当地居民搜寻出了大量的爪哇虎,因为他们认为爪哇虎是他们已故亲人的化身。
    Natives carried much of the hunting out, a surprising thing since they considered the tiger a reincarnation of their dead relatives.
  • 虽然博苏的村民几乎不吃黑猩猩,因为他们认为黑猩猩是自己祖先的化身。
    Villagers at Bossou do not eat chimpanzees because they think of chimps as the reincarnation of their ancestors.
  • 相信再生的人认为人们的灵魂死后会进入一个新的身体得以再生。
    Reincarnation is the belief that the human soul is reborn into a new body after death.
  • 提一些关于超自然,神秘主义,再生,灵性或神秘学之类的话题。
    Bring up a topic that touches on the supernatural, mysticism, reincarnation, spiritualism or the occult.
  • 按照颜色分类后,塑料被粉碎成小颗粒并重新利用,就这样塑料瓶再生为柔软的聚酯毯。
    Sorted by colour so the plastic could be broken down, granulated and reused, the bottles were destined for reincarnation as soft blue polyester blankets.