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n. [管理] 条例;规程(regulation的复数);章则
Regulations - 条规,规定,规则
Technical Regulations - 技术法规,技术规程,技术规范
traffic regulations - 交通规则,交通法规,交通控制
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规章; 条例; 规则, 规定; 管理
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  • 会员国正在加速早日遵循修订的条例与人类大流行性流感的相关部分,这将使我们大家更为安全。
    Member States are accelerating early compliance with parts of the revised Regulations that relate to human pandemic influenza, which will make us all safer.
  • 这是我们首次能够不仅在地面记录运动,而且能在地下和遵守建筑标准的建筑物的顶端记录运动。
    This is the first time that we could record motion not only at ground level, but also underground and on the top of buildings complying with building regulations.
  • 问题在于这些条例并不对这些藐视它们的企业和个人明确惩罚。
    The problem is the regulations do not specify punishments for businesses or individuals who flout them.
  • 这些规则是为保护妇女而制定的。
    These regulations were made to protect women.
  • 他们将复审一下安全规程。
    They will run back over the safety regulations again.
  • 这些规定是有弹性的。
    These regulations are elastic.
  • 执行《国际卫生条例(2005)》的责任由受本条例约束的所有缔约国和世卫组织承担。
    The responsibility for implementing the IHR (2005) rests upon all States that are bound by the Regulations and WHO.
  • 在罐水平检测的效率是为什么条例要求这类抗生素残留检测的原因。
    The efficiency of testing at the tanker level is why regulations require such testing for antibiotic residues.
  • 如果我们加强交通安全教育,更多的人遵守交通规则,我相信总有一天交通事故是可以避免的。
    If we reinforce the traffic security education and more people comply with traffic regulations, I believe one day traffic accidents can be avoided.
  • 其中一些与健康和安全有关,而且需要适当的管理来保护这两者。
    Some relate to health and safety, and the need for appropriate regulations to defend both.
  • 现行条例是为一个与我们今天生活的世界截然不同的世界拟定的。
    The existing regulations were written for a very different world from the one we live in today.
  • 对于不符合工业规则的代价可能是毁灭性的。
    The cost of non-compliance with industry regulations can be catastrophic.
  • 但是,只有在这些条例到位并得到遵守和执行时,其意义才能得到充分实现。
    But its significance will only be fully realized when the regulations are in place and are being observed and implemented.
  • 世间万物自有其各自的行为规则和尺度。
    Everything in the world has its respective rules and regulations.
  • 三令“五”申:这一条是专门献给那些为我们制定法律和规章的人们。
    The oracle five: This is for those who make the laws and regulations we live by.
  • 过去由于规章制度不健全, 这个厂的工作老是上不去。
    In the past, the work in the factory could not move forward for lack of necessary rules and regulations.
  • 这含义是您可能需要追踪对您的过程进行的所有的变更,您为什么进行每个变更的原因,以及为了遵守这些法规,什么时候进行的变更。
    The implication is that you may need to track all changes to your process, the reason why you made each change, and when the change was made to conform to these regulations.