regarding to

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regarding to - 关于,针对
Regarding To The Items - 对项目
Regarding To Hostile Takeover - 针对恶意收购
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  • 他们对于这件事情提出了一个新的意见。
    They have set up a new opinion regarding to this case.
  • 重视保护消费者的合法权益,为建立规范有效的信用产品交易秩序打下了稳固的基础。
    Regarding to the legal rights of protecting the consumer, ground steadily for establishing standard availably market order of credit product .
  • 对含有“替代采集”的替代型保护进行分析说明。
    The type of replacement protection regarding to the "replacement acquisition" is analyzed and explained.
  • 因为我们以及我们的伙伴都没有提供关于职位的描述,你可以问一些关于技术要求和期望工作业绩的问题。
    Since you are not given the job descriptions by us and our partner, try to ask questions regarding to the skills requirements and performance expectation.
  • 关于“一”的属性,学界有人解释其为“道”,这是不符合汉代以前黄老学说的本义的。
    Regarding to the attributes of "One", some people in the academic circles explain it as "Dao".
  • 关于毕业论文,我们能提供MBA论文,EMBA论文,经济学论文,金融学论文,法学论文,会计学论文,英语学论文,建筑学论文和药理学论文。
    Regarding to graduate thesis, we can provide MBA thesis, EMBAthesis, economy thesis, finance thesis, law thesis, accounting thesis, English thesis architecture thesis, medical science.
  • 关于房间,您有特别的要求吗?
    Do you have any special requests regarding to the room?
  • 另外,关于你所提及的制作更重产品的问题,我们要了解贵司详细的产品资料后才可以给予正确的答复。
    Besides, regarding to the request of produce a heavier commodity from goodself, we can only reply you exactly after collected ample and exact information from goodself .
  • 甲方有权要求乙方随时提供甲方所委托业务的进展情况,服务过程中的信息反馈。
    Party A has right to request Party B to provide updated information at any time regarding to the status of the work request.
  • 关于你方油管察举的询价,我们很高兴通知你们,通过我们反复的努力,厂房已同意供应100套。
    Regarding to your inquiry of vitta, we are so glad to tell you that the factory has agreed to provide 100 suits through our reduplicate effort.
  • 通过对影响分光光度计测量准确性的因素进行分析,认为波长准确度是其中的主要因素。
    With regarding to those factors affecting the measurement accuracy of spectrophotometer , the accuracy of wavelength was the most important one.
  • 请让我知道如果您有任何疑问上述功能。谢谢。
    Please let me know if you have any question regarding to above function. Thanks.
  • 至于关于对爱情和婚姻,我相信命运。
    As regarding to love and marriage, I believe in fate.
  • 导出三个关于贸易、冲突及国家大小的国际互动命题。
    We derive three propositions regarding to international interactions that pertain to the links between trade, conflict and country size.
  • 考虑到ATM的硬件机制原先并没有考虑TTL技术,介绍了一种基于路径向量的环路检测方法。
    Regarding to the 'TTL -decrement' function that is not considered by ATM hardware mechanism, the method of loop detection based on path vector is presented.
  • 对品格证据在刑事诉讼中如何运用这一问题,英美法系国家以证据的相关性为出发点规定了详尽的规则以指导司法实践。
    With regarding to the issue of applying the character evidence rules, the countries of common law system have formulated detailed and complete rules for directing the judicial practice.
  • 我能一些关于福利方面的问题吗?
    A:Could I ask some questions regarding to the social benefits?
  • 帮助解决实际生产中的相关技术问题,特别是关于硬齿面切削工艺的运用方面。
    Assist to deal with related technical problems in real manufacturing process, particularly regarding to the application of Hard gear-finishing &cutting procedures.
  • 建设国际贸易中心,对贸易企业来说,首当其冲的问题就是如何实现内外贸一体化。
    Regarding to the trade enterprise, realizing the integration of domestic trade and international trade is first issue in building international trade center.