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n. 现款;预备好的状态
adj. 准备好;现成的;迅速的;情愿的;快要…的
vt. 使准备好
adv. 迅速地;预先
n. (Ready)人名;(英)雷迪
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  • 我全准备好了,要走就走。
    All ready to go out.
  • 我还没准备好要与其他男孩分享我关那于隐修者和泉井的经历。
    I was not yet ready to share my experience of the hermit and the well with the other boys.
  • 我这就准备好了。
    I am getting things ready now.
  • 船员们准备公开反叛。
    The crew was ready for open rebellion.
  • 在将此元数据对象准备好后,您可以使用该对象中的元数据和消息来验证数据输入和显示消息。
    Once you have this metadata object ready, you can use the metadata and messages in that object to validate data input and display messages.
  • 洗澡水给你准备好了。
    Your bath is ready.
  • 因此,如果你来到这儿,就准备好起舞吧。
    So if you come, be ready to dance.
  • 但是,当你准备好了,就开始让人们重新进入你的生命。
    But, when you are ready, begin to let people back into your life.
  • 它所依赖的任何一个系统都有可能还没有准备好就完全地迁移到 SOA。
    Any one of the systems it depends on may not yet be ready to fully migrate to SOA.
  • 那么,你没事吧? 准备好去开会了吗?
    So, you okay? You ready for the meeting?
  • 你将永远不会为你还没做的事就准备好。
    You will never be ready for what you want to do.
  • 当她学习了该如何做这的时候,我准备好让在一个小丑上的她步骤.
    When she learned how to do this, I was ready to let her step over a clown.
  • 准备好了吗?开始。
    Ready? There we go.
  • 我们准备到村里遛遛。
    We are ready to take a stroll in the village.
  • 如果会有什么事发生,我们希望能有所准备”,银行的一位官员说,“你希望在事情发生前能知道可作出的选择,而非必须当场作出决定。”
    “If something happens, we want to be ready,” one bank official said. “You want to know what your options are before it comes out, rather than have to decide on the spot.
  • 运动员们一切就绪, 准备参加比赛。
    The players get everything ready for the game.
  • 这房子在年底以前可以造好。
    The house will be ready towards the end of the year.
  • 到明天早晨我方将 为您准备好一些报价单。
    I’ll have some quotes ready for you by tomorrow morning.
  • 可是,怎样才能知道自己是否真的已经准备好去爱他了呢?
    But, how will you know if you are ready to love him or her?
  • 我只要准备好倾听和谈话就是了。
    I just have to be ready to listen and speak".
  • 蛇盘起来准备进攻。
    The snake coiled, ready to strike.
  • 我们全部准备好.
    We were all ready.
  • 他把意见写成纲要, 准备在会上发言。
    He made an outline of his views and got ready to present it at the meeting.
  • 一切准备停当。
    Everything's ready.; All set.
  • 午饭快准备好了。
    Lunch is almost ready.
  • 我会时刻准备好,在你悲伤和孤独时站到你身边,但我不会把你的悲伤和孤独带走。
    I will stand ready to be with you in your grief and loneliness but I will not take it away from you.
  • 不过,他拒绝说出这个建议何时可以准备好,或者包含什么内容。
    But he declined to say when it might be ready or what it might contain.