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n. 自述文件(提供使用者讯息的辅助文件)
README - 读我档案,自述文件,自述
View Readme - 读取游戏说明,查看自述文件,查看自述
readme files - 自述文件
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  • 有关安装过程的详细信息,请阅读下载中包含的安装与故障诊断指南和 Readme 文件。
    Read the Installation and Troubleshooting Guide and Readme files included with the download for detailed information on the installation process.
  • 下载源代码以后,首先熟悉一下软件有哪些新变化 -- 这些变化通常在源代码主目录的 ChangeLog 或 README 文件中列出。
    After downloading the sources, familiarize yourself with any new changes to the software -- normally, these changes are itemized in the ChangeLog or README file in the main source directory.
  • 所以,要解决这个问题(并防止它再次发生),只需输入如下所示的来自 README 文件的命令,然后就不会再有电话打进来了
    So, to solve this problem (and prevent it in the future), you simply enter the commands from the README file as shown below and that phone stops ringing
  • 自述文件建议在安装路径中避免空格。
    The readme suggests that you avoid spaces in your install path.
  • 将这个记录存储在与该包的 README 文件相同的目录中。
    Store the journal in the same directory as the package's README file.
  • 请查看 下载文件里的 Appendix B README 文件中有关用于测试应用程序的特殊安装过程的记录。
    See the Appendix B README file in the download file for documentation on the particular installation used to test the Catabase application.
  • 为此,解压缩 .zip 文件并遵循其中所包含的 README 文件的指导。
    To do this, extract the .zip file and follow the README file instructions included.
  • 虽然这些参数名称都很简明扼要,但是完整的参数(Parm 元素)定义可以参考 IBM SCORE V6.1.1.2 自述文件。
    While the parameter names are self explanatory, a complete set of parameter (Parm element) definitions are available in the IBM SCORE V6.1.1.2 readme.
  • 如果不能启动和运行,那么请参阅 JDIC 下载的 README 文件中的文档,查看特定操作系统的要求。
    If it doesn't, read the documentation in the JDIC download's README file to check on any specific OS needs.
  • WebSphere Application Server 4.0.2 已经包含 APAR 51952 修正,Personalization 安装自述文件称它是必需的。
    WebSphere Application Server 4.0.2 already contains the APAR 51952 fix that the Personalization installation readme says is necessary.
  • SpamAssassin 的自述文件中有下列非常有力的声明
    The README for SpamAssassin makes some very strong claims
  • 您可以在 Sphinx 源代码附带的 README 文件中或通过在线资料找到完整的功能列表。
    You can find a complete list of features online and in the README file distributed with the Sphinx source code.
  • README 文件对该项目进行了描述,并且通常用于说明如何构建该软件。
    A README file describes the project and usually explains how to build the software.
  • coLinux 的 README 文件包含许多关于其他安装选项的信息。
    The coLinux README file includes lots of additional information about other install options.
  • 请查看 下载文件里的 Appendix A README 文件中有关用来测试 Catabase 应用程序的特殊安装过程的记录。
    See the Appendix A README file in the download file for documentation on the particular installation used to test the Catabase application.
  • 或许偶而有 README 文件会提及“移位/归约(shift/reduce)”冲突。
    Maybe an occasional README file refers to "shift/reduce" conflicts.
  • 也就是,阅读手册、手册页、发布说明、README 和软件附带的其他文档。
    That is, read the, ahem, fine manuals, man pages, release notes, README, and other documentation that accompanies each piece of software you operate.
  • 这些值位于所下载的驱动程序提供的 README 中。
    These values are in the README provided with the driver download.
  • 可以对此安装包进行提取操作,其中包含安装程序二进制文件以及 Readme 文件和安装与故障诊断指南 (Installation and Troubleshooting Guide) 。
    The install package can be extracted to show the installer binary, along with a Readme file and an Installation and Troubleshooting Guide.
  • DITA 还缺乏很多发布选项,比如转换成 README 风格的文本或者完全类似图书的 PDF。
    Many publishing options did not yet exist for DITA, such as transforms to README-style text or full book-like PDF.