reading book

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reading book - 阅读类图书,读本,读本小说
Engrossed reading this book - 在全神贯注的读这本书
Reading comic book - 看漫画书
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  • 把你的阅读书放到你的语音书上面。
    Put your reading book on your phonics book.
  • 读过第一卷,甚至是第一页,谣言便不言自明了。
    After reading book one, it was immediately apparent (after the first page) the rumor is true.
  • 学生们正在教室里读书。
    Students are reading book in the classroom.
  • 两个人徜徉于某家私家书屋里,畅聊彼此的最爱,轮流朗读封面上的介绍,再就是搜寻最搞笑的书名。
    Browsing an independent bookstore as my date and I chat about our favorite books, take turns reading book jackets, and search for the silliest titles.
  • 但我的业余爱好是读书。
    My hobby is reading book.
  • 读书有两种动机:一种是从中获得乐趣,另一种可借以向人夸耀。——罗素。
    There are two motives of reading book: one that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it. ——Bertrand Russell.
  • 她没别的事可做,一整天都在看书。
    She had nothing to do but reading book all the day.
  • 孩子在玩玩具,他父母在看书。(指一段时间,主、从句动作同时发生)
    While the child was playing with his toys, his parents were reading book.
  • 你喜欢什么?我喜欢吃、读书、唱歌。
    What do you like ? I like eating , reading book , singing .
  • 她喜欢看书。
    She likes reading book.
  • 她喜欢看书。
    Usualli she likes reading book.
  • 该公司以开发3-8岁儿童阅读读物为核心产品,在此基础上推广“分享阅读”的理念并提供增值服务。
    On the basis of providing core products for 3-8 years children reading book, the company extend the idea of 'shared reading' and at the same time provides value added service.
  • 我的兴趣比较广泛,喜欢读书、音乐和运动。
    I have many interests. I like reading book, listening to the music and doing sports.
  • 根据个人调查,不善于读书看书的人学习难以进步。
    According to the personal investigation, are not good at reading book people learn hard to progress.
  • 我的同学喜欢读书,玩电脑游戏,听音乐,但有时她喜欢体育运动。
    My classmate likes reading book, playing computer games, listening to music, but sometimes she likes playing sports.
  • 他产生了对读书的爱好。
    He has developed an interest in reading book .
  • 因为你喜欢看书。
    Because you like reading book.
  • 我的同学喜欢看书,玩电脑游戏,听音乐,但有时她喜欢体育运动。
    My classmate likes reading book, playing computer games, listening to music, but sometimes she likes playing sports.
  • 他们打算给中学生出一本新英语阅读书。
    They are going to design a new English reading book for middle school students.
  • 这本书名叫《从未爱过》,作者是乔西•比尼斯。书中每一页只有两到三段,和孩子的启蒙读本差不多。
    Called Never in a Loving Way, by Josie Byrnes, it had only two or three paragraphs to a page, like a child's first reading book.
  • “港式五张”是游戏,是人生,有输也有赢,乐趣无穷尽,真想做高手,细读本文章。
    "Harbor type 5" is a game, is a life, have already alreadied also lose to win, the fun is really endless to exert, want to be a superior, thin reading book article.