reach out to

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • 因此,让我们跳一步:把自尊心丢在一边,跳过害怕的墙,朝着爱我们的人,伸出我们的手。
    So take the leap: throw pride aside, and jump through the wall of fear, and reach out to a loved one.
  • 接触很有可能伤害你的人。
    Reach out to people who would harm you.
  • 我们决定直接接触具体的选区和广大民众,继续推行我们在关键问题上的政见。
    We decided to reach out to specific constituencies and the general public directly, and to keep pushing the issues.
  • 它意味着我们可以一种高度定向的方式接触到消费者。
    That means we can reach out to them in very targeted ways.
  • 不要因跟朋友的朋友接触而感到害羞,他们会非常乐意带你逛逛这个新城市,或者你需要的时候帮助你。
    Don't be shy to reach out to friends of friends because they will more than likely be willing to show you the new area or to just be there if you need them.
  • 所以我们要有足够的自信,向他们伸出我们的手。
    We should be confident enough to reach out to them.
  • 但是一直到最近,他还缺乏与其他孩子进行接触的社交技巧。
    But until recently, he lacked the social skills to reach out to other kids.
  • 在这样一个感恩有季节,我恳求我们的在线读者们,走出去,帮帮那些处在困境当中的人们,确保孩子们能够吃饱穿暖。
    During this season of giving, I implore our online readers to reach out to those who are struggling and help ensure that children are fed.
  • 在其他国家遇到困难的时候,我们也同样伸出援助之手。
    We also reach out to other countries when they are in need.
  • 我们只需接触其中几个就能获得他们的推荐,然后我们可以用这些推荐来争取新客户。
    We needed to reach out to several of our clients for testimonials, which we could then use to sell new clients.
  • 在他受苦的时候,我并没有伸出援助之手,而现在我做什么都于事无补。
    I didn't reach out to help him when he suffered, and I can't do anything about that now.
  • “这仅仅是海外人士可以采取的一种方式,同当地商人和当地企业主接触并向他们提供支持,”她说。
    That's just one option for the diaspora - to reach out to local merchants and local business owners and lend that support, 'she says.
  • 孩子们伸出手去接触蜘蛛时并没有意识到任何害怕,直到他们看到他们父母的反应时才意识到。
    Children reach out to touch spiders, unaware of any fear, until they see the reaction of their parents.
  • 这个圣诞节,有谁是你需要接触的?
    Who do you need to reach out to this Christmas?
  • 尽管我爱人们,并且深深地欣赏我的那些朋友们,但我并没有想要与他人进行有规律的接触的强大驱动力。
    Though I love peocple and deeply appreciate my friends, I don't have a strong drive to regularly reach out to others.