put up

—— 英文翻译成中文


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put up - 建造,举起,张贴
put-up on - 被欺骗的
put somebody up - 让某人住宿
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  • 他提及一名喜剧诗人,没错,一名喜剧诗人,且是毫不含糊的,提及喜剧作家亚里斯多芬尼斯,我也有把他的名字写在黑板上。
    Reference he makes to a comic poet yes a comic poet an unequivocal reference to the playwright Aristophanes whose name I have put up on the board.
  • 在你的家里和工作区域里装上“禁止吸烟”的标识,甚至在你的车里也装上。
    Put up "no smoking" signs in your house and work area, and even in your car.
  • 直到最近,苹果一直在忍受着。
    Until recently, Apple put up with this.
  • 唯一的要求是勇气,因为在博物馆里支起画架放上画布的结果是,人人都来和你说话。
    The only requirement was bravery, because it turns out that when you put up an easel and canvas in the museum, everyone talks to you.
  • 我下周就要搬了,在此之前,我还是得忍受这种噪音。
    I’ll have to put up with the noise till I move next week.
  • 他们在镇上四处张贴海报为马戏团作宣传.
    They put up posters all round the town advertising the circus.
  • 受到攻击时,我们想知道该说什么; 受到讯问时,我们想知道该如何回应; 受到斥责时,我们想知道该如何为自已辩护。
    We wonder what to say when we are attacked, how to respond when we are being interrogated, and what defence to put up when we are accused.
  • 我默默等到他们的车消失在视线里,才挂上标示。
    I wait for their car to vanish before I put up the sign.
  • 但是,你告诉我还有哪位CEO必须容忍这么多外界强加的干涉以及公众压力?
    But show me another CEO that has to put up with so much outside tinkering and public pressure?
  • 猜猜看,当我将更多的广告和捐款链接放到网站上去后,发生了什么?
    Guess what happened to my traffic when I put up more ads and donation links.
  • 我必须要忍受我的猫在我的房子里掉了满地的猫毛。
    I have to put up with my cat’s fur all over the house.
  • 他今晚可以在这里住宿。
    He can put up here for the night.
  • 我想我已经建立过这种假设了。
    And I think I put up the postulates.
  • 你的大多数如孩子般的绘画作品会被扔进垃圾桶,但总会有几幅是可以贴在冰箱上值得你炫耀的。
    Most of your childlike drawings will be tossed in the trash, but some might be put up on the fridge.
  • 因此我可以上传电影或任何我喜欢的东西。
    So I could put up movies or anything I like.
  • 只要他们(我们的人员)出去宣传这些系统,我们就会接到恐吓电话:“不准到我们的城市来。 不要宣传你的系统,否则你吃不了兜着走。”
    If they (our people) go to install and promote these systems we get threatening calls: 'You don't come in our city, don't put up these systems or we will hunt you.