put on

—— 英文翻译成中文


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put on - 穿上,增加,戴上
put-on last - 入楦,除楦,出楦
put it on - 夸张,装腔作势,要高价
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  • 他的工作是在新设计的汽车投入市场之前对它们进行检验。
    His work is to test out new designs of cars before they are put on the market.
  • 除了穿袜子,其它任何事情我都能做。
    I could do everything but put on my socks.
  • 如果你是穿着睡衣睡觉的话,那就把睡衣也穿上。
    If you sleep in pajamas, put on your pajamas.
  • 下一代宝马M6车型将要在2012年推出,因此我们还需要耐心等待一段时间,但这并不能阻止我们对于下一代宝马M6车型所拥有的车型外观的猜测。
    The next generation of BMW M6 cars will be put on the market in 2012, so we still have to patiently wait for some time. But that cannot deter us from conjecturing about their shape and appearance.
  • 在我等她的时候,我换上了我的衬衫,穿上了我比较好的套装。
    While I waited for her to arrive I changedmy shirt and put on my good suit.
  • 爸爸:对,现在穿上这件衬衫。
    Dad:Right, now put on this shirt.
  • 他急忙穿上衣服。
    He put on his clothes in a hurry.
  • 其实我喝一杯啤酒就够了,但是放在桌上的那些免费供应的香喷喷的小肉丸子和其它点心我可真爱吃。
    One beer is always enough for me, but I love those little spicy meat balls and other snacks they put on the table free.
  • 但是那年轻的王子将从我们门前走过,这时节我要穿上我最好的衣裳。
    But the young Prince will pass by our door, and I will put on my best for the moment.
  • 她蒙上一块天鹅绒的面纱然后出发了。
    She put on a velvet veil then set out.
  • 你决定它上面应该贴什么样的标签。
    You decide what label to put on it.
  • 因此,重点应该放在这些道路使用者上。
    So emphasis should be put on these road users.
  • 然后他带上眼镜给我们展示了一些蜘蛛的样本。
    Then he put on his spectacles and showed us some specimens of spiders.
  • 那天我非常兴奋,天还没亮就醒了,我穿上运动鞋,带着蓝色蝴蝶来到后院,穿着睡衣沿着台阶往下走,到了河边。
    I put on my gym shoes and took my Papilio ulysses and went into the backyard and down the steps to the river in my pajamas.
  • 你家里任何需要用电的装置都可以接入到这个网络里来并接受你的指挥。
    Anything in your home that uses electricity can be put on the home network and at your command.
  • 最后,她穿了一件漂亮的蓝色丝质连衣裙。 这件裙子很适合她,她也流露出十分想要的意思。
    Finally she put on a blue dress of beautiful silk that fit her well and she appeared to want the most.
  • 我总是喝一杯啤酒就够了,但是放在桌上的那些免费供应的香喷喷的小肉丸子和其它点心我可真爱吃。
    One beer is always enough for me, but I love those little spicy meat balls and other snacks they put on the table free.
  • 穿上救生衣。这样在你万一从船上跌到水里时,它会帮助你不沉到水下去。
    Put on your lifejacket, which would help you to stay up if you fall out of the boat.
  • 我穿上笨重的鞋,推出了我的手推车。
    I put on heavy shoes and rolled out my wheelbarrow.
  • 他的妻子戴上贵重的戒指和项链。
    His wife put on valuable ring and necklace.
  • 孩子们穿上了一些暖和的衣服。
    The children put on some warm clothes.
  • 你必须穿上雨衣,正下着大雨呢。
    You must put on a raincoat;it's pelting down now.
  • 如果你必须做,,就打开头戴的耳机。
    If you have to, put on headphones.
  • 我的姊妹穿上他们的最好地穿着.
    My sisters put on their best dresses.