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n. 追赶,追求;职业,工作
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  • 他会尽他所能的让他的客户在追求身心健康的同时用到所有有用的资源。
    He will make every effort to get him to use his valuable resources in its pursuit of wellness.
  • 由于上述原因,我在追求自己的目标上至今从未动摇过。
    For the foregoing reasons, I have never wavered in my pursuit of this purpose.
  • 更确切地说,去寻找你自己需要的类型然后决定是否继续去追求。
    Rather, find women that are your type and then decide whether to continue the pursuit.
  • 我现在谈一下我们的未来的第二项要素:追求和平。
    That brings me to the second pillar for our future: the pursuit of peace.
  • 当你在追求同情心时,你要跨越哪些障碍?
    What other obstacles have you come across in the pursuit of compassion?
  • 然而在这样的追求中,一个社会能够承担的费用是有限的。
    Yet there are limits to what a society can spend in this pursuit .
  • 在追求利润的过程中,该公司交易诸如香料、糖、毛皮和奴隶等商品。
    In the pursuit of profits, the Company traded commodities such as spices, sugar, fur, and slaves.
  • 相反的是,我欣赏她充满智慧的直白和对自我认识的追求。
    On the contrary, I admire her intellectual honesty and her pursuit of self-knowledge.
  • 不过,你一旦实现了需求,你就需要继续下一个追求。
    However, once you achieve a need, you need to move on to the next pursuit.
  • 对于职业的选择和追求是实现你们目标的一个工具,但是假如没有一个目标,生活会变的空洞。
    The choice and successful pursuit of a profession is but one tool for achieving your purpose. But without a purpose, life can become hollow.
  • 我把对更大的勇气、更高的自觉和更好的道德的追求本身看作是目的。
    I see the pursuit of greater courage, consciousness, and conscience as an end in itself.
  • 在追求热情失败过后,你现在可能想的是哪里能够得到足以克服失败的恐惧或重新复出的动机。
    Now, you might wonder from where you can get the motivation to overcome your fear of failure or comeback after you fail in your pursuit of passion.
  • 感情用事和夸夸其谈只能阻碍对真理的追求。
    Sentiment and eloquence serve only to impede the pursuit of truth.
  • 经过一整天的追赶, 我们终于赶上了他们。
    After a pursuit lasting all day we finally caught up with them.
  • 梦想的工作:很多人都渴望得到一份梦想的工作,为此在学校花了无数年的时间,或一边工作一边不懈的追求。
    The dream job: Most people long to have one and spend years in school or working their way up in pursuit of one.