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vt. 粉碎;使成粉末;研磨
Pulverize - 研磨成粉,粉碎,使成粉末
ball pulverize - 球磨机
pulverize solidify - 粉碎
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  • 一级-召唤一个具有一般攻击力的地域火。
    Level 1 - Summons an Infernal with weak Pulverize and average attack.
  • 为了以可持续的方式回收贵重金属,蓝橡树公司的新工厂将接收这些电路板,进一步粉碎加工,然后把它们放入等离子电弧炉进行熔化。
    In order to reclaim them in a sustainable way, BlueOak's facility will take the boards, pulverize them further and put them through a high-temperature plasma-arc furnace.
  • 将粉底颜料装入喷枪中,使用低压将粉碎后的粉底颜料喷到皮肤表面。
    The pigment is introduced into the airbrushing gun and using low pressure the gun will pulverize the makeup on the surface of the skin.
  • 弄碎分解成粉末;
    To reduce to powder; pulverize.
  • 如果你有电动研磨机,那就一次放半量杯杏仁下去,用最高速研磨30秒钟。
    If you have a blender, pulverize them 1/2 cup at a time at top speed for about 30 seconds.
  • 它可以一下就粉碎一块巨石。
    It can pulverize a boulder in one strike.
  • 这时就可以放进电动研磨器中磨碎,或是放在研钵里捣碎,也可以用绞肉机。
    When crisped, pulverize them in the electric blender, pound in a mortar, or put them through a meat grinder.
  • 该机主要用于煤矸石、粉煤灰、页岩等原料生产过程,是原料处理关键设备。
    It is the equipment to pulverize and mix the material in the process of gangue, coal ash shale.
  • 我们将以地毯式轰炸炸平三英里半宽的地区。
    We'll pulverize an area 3.5 miles wide with saturation bombing.
  • 它振动拳头上的块状物来双倍加强攻击力。它可以一下就粉碎一块巨石。
    Gamageroge 537: it makes the lumps on its fists vibrate to double the power of its punches. It can pulverize a boulder in one strike.
  • 在其他的时刻,我扬言要粉碎它。
    On other occasions I threatened to pulverize it.
  • 捣碎,碾碎,舂烂:打碎成粉末或浆; 磨碎或压碎。
    To beat to a powder or pulp; pulverize or crush.
  • 本发明可粉碎硬度较大的泡沫塑料,粉碎后的泡沫塑料块大小均匀,粉碎效果好。
    The invention can pulverize foamed plastic with larger hardness and has good pulverizing effect, and the size of a pulverized foamed plastic block is uniform.
  • 大多数肾结石能排掉,但有大约15%的病例,需要动手术或用冲击波治疗才能粉碎肾结石。
    Most stones can be excreted, but in about 15% of cases, surgery or shockwave treatment to pulverize the stones is. needed.
  • 根据数值计算和现场测试分析,采取了有效措施,改变了磨机的工作状态,减小了磨机的振动和噪声。
    Based on numerical computation and online test, effective steps have been taken for the pulverize to change the working state, thus vibration and noise are reduced.
  • 故饲养者需要有规律地在底部喷水(雾状)以在饲养箱内部模拟热带气候。
    Thus, the keeper will regularly pulverize the peat to maintain a tropical atmosphere in the terrarium.
  • 迫击炮和杵首次用来粉碎的颗粒点火粉末。
    A mortar and pestle was first used to pulverize the granules of Ignition Powder.
  • 研磨捣碎搓擦、磨细、捣烂,使…研磨成细粉末,使成粉末状。
    To rub, crush, grind, or pound into fine particles or a powder; pulverize.
  • 粉碎是一个 战士 主手 钉头槌 技能。
    Pulverize is a warrior main-hand mace skill.
  • 看哪、我已使你成为有快齿打粮的新器具、你要把山岭打得粉碎、使冈陵如同糠秕。
    Behold, I have made you a new, sharp threshing sledge with double edges; you will thresh the mountains and pulverize them, and will make the hills like chaff.