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vt. 宣传;公布
publicize - 宣传,宣扬,公布
publicize midriff - 露脐装
Publicize Director - 宣传主管
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宣传; 广告; 公布
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  • 所以,在他们宣传网上购物好处的努力下,卖家可要考虑及时发货喽。
    Therefore, in their efforts to publicize the advantages of shopping on line, on-line sellers should take timeliness into consideration.
  • “明星学徒”是在五月份开播的,共有14名明星参赛者,他们分别在曼哈顿地区完成一些以商务为方向的任务,为他们所代表的慈善组织筹集资金和宣传。
    This season of "Celebrity Apprentice" began airing in March with 14 contestants, each competing in business-oriented tasks around Manhattan to raise money for and publicize their favorite causes.
  • 可以推测,这些证券如此之差,以至于不能公布他们的信用评级。
    Presumably these securities were so bad that they wouldn't even publicize their credit rating.
  • 他们在社区进行治安巡逻,并向居民宣传防盗等安全知识。
    They will patrol around the communities and publicize anti-theft knowledge to residents.
  • 别急着做宣传,大多数时候,有些事会事与愿违的,那么它并不能在人们的脑海里留下很深的印象。
    Don't rush to publicize, most of the time things can back fire or that it does not give the heavy impact that it should in people's mind.
  • 一个冰欺凌商店可以只提前两周公布一个冰欺凌社交活动。
    An ice cream shop could publicize an ice cream social event for singles two weeks in advance.
  • 对所有的优秀的科学成果,我们应该庆祝并加以宣传,对我们要面对的挑战也必须同样的坦诚。
    We should celebrate and publicize all the wonderful achievements of science, but also be frank about the challenges we still face.
  • 很多组织都会在团体会议上公布他们的方案。
    Many organizations publicize their programs in group meetings.
  • 开发团队间为实现重用的最大化而展开的友好竞争是宣传和鼓励服务开发和重用的最好方法。
    A friendly competition between development teams that achieve the most reuse would be a great way to publicize and encourage service creation and reuse.
  • 大多数人认为电子书是个比较容易的选择,作为开发人员,你不必支出大量成本去找个网站来做宣传和销售。
    Most consider an e-book to be the easier choice, and as a developer you probably don’t need to outlay much capital to get a site up to publicize and sell it.
  • 我一直在宣传这个事实,一个很重要的动因就是想告诉那些失眠症患者少睡一点完全没有问题,以此来减少他们的痛苦。
    One of the reasons I like to publicize these facts is that I think we can prevent a lot of insomnia and distress just by telling people that short sleep is O.K.
  • WSDL本身不规定如何发布或公布这种服务描述,而是将这项任务留给其他规范。
    WSDL itself says nothing about how to publish or publicize such service descriptions, leaving this to other specifications.
  • 如果你有一个即将举行的事件想要去宣传,发布一个媒体报告在你小组的信头上。
    Send out a media advisory on your group’s letterhead if you have an upcoming event you wish to publicize.