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n. 过程,进行;方法,步骤;作用;程序;推移
adj. 经过特殊加工(或处理)的
vt. 处理;加工
vi. 列队前进
process - 过程,进程,加工
process management - 过程管理,流程管理,进程管理
Isochoric process - 等容过程,等容过程,等体积过程
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过程; 程序; 步骤; 工序; 动作程序; 进程, 改进; 唤到法院; 使用部分系统源的多重任务计算机上的程序运转 (计算机用语)
加工; 用计算机处理; 处理, 办理; 对...起诉; 列队行进
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  • 继续进行下去的最佳方式是实行淘汰制。
    The best way to proceed is by a process of elimination.
  • 全体一致同意尽快开始和平进程。
    There was total agreement to start the peace process as soon as possible
  • 你得让我们为自己拼搏,哪怕我们会在这个过程中死去。
    You have to let us struggle for ourselves, even if we must die in the process.
  • 通过望远镜获得的信息将由计算机进行处理。
    The information gathered by the telescopes will be processed by computers.
  • 整个选举过程中都能看出军方的介入。
    The hand of the military authorities can be seen in the entire electoral process
  • 政府正在起草和平计划。
    The administration is in the process of drawing up a peace plan
  • 她的小说正被拍成电视连续剧。
    Her novel is in the process of being turned into a television series.
  • 他们决定用3年时间建成。
    They decided to spread the building process over three years
  • 我认为生活本身就是一个学习的过程。
    I think life itself is a learning process
  • 新政治和现代媒体之间的相互作用将会扰乱政治进程,妨碍其正常运作。
    The interplay between the new politics and the modern media will unbalance the political process and inhibit its workings.
  • 这种情况出现在老年人当中,显然是衰老过程的一部分。
    It occurs in elderly men, apparently as part of the ageing process
  • 唯一的问题是这个过程会有多快。
    The only question is how fast the process will be.
  • 病人在这个科看病需要两个多小时的时间。
    Patients took more than two hours to be processed through the department.
  • 司法选举的过程成为了笑柄。
    The process of judicial selection was held up to ridicule
  • 这个过程和拼图相似。
    This process is akin to piecing together a jigsaw puzzle
  • 这种现象出现的规律性表明这个过程是由基因决定的。
    The regularity with which this occurs suggests that the process is genetically determined.
  • 我们希望通过立法来使这一程序合法化。
    We want to legitimate this process by passing a law.
  • 他设计了一种能够避免腐蚀或氧化的金丝制作流程。
    He has devised a process for making gold wires which neither corrode nor oxidise
  • 选拔过程是基于对能力和经验的严格测试。
    The selection process is based on rigorous tests of competence and experience.
  • 历史是一个阐释的过程。
    History is an interpretive process.
  • 他称这次会议标志着和平进程进入了一个新阶段。
    He described the meeting as marking a new stage in the peace process.
  • 他领先那个西班牙人到达终点,同时也首次作为职业选手获得计时赛的胜利。
    He finished ahead of the Spaniard, and in the process picked up his first time trial win as a pro
  • 波兰和匈牙利的债务正开始扼杀改革的进程。
    The debts of both Poland and Hungary are beginning to smother the reform process.
  • 缩短决策过程会是一个解决办法。
    Shortening the decision-making process would provide one solution.
  • 他说议会和民主程序已遭贬值。
    He said parliament and the process of democracy had been debased.
  • 这些材料将会被加工成塑料小球。
    The material will be processed into plastic pellets.
  • 整个程序又再次开始了。
    The whole process started all over again
  • 他们正在着手解决所有悬而未决的问题。
    They were in the process of resolving all the unsettled issues
  • 过去这一过渡过程常常很艰难。
    In the past this process of transition has often proven difficult.
  • 我迟早要把这一复杂的过程全部告诉你。
    I will tell you, sooner or later, all the complicated process.