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n. 焊料预成型(preform复数)
v. 预先形成(preform的第三人称单数)
preforms - 预制件,焊料预成型,瓶胚
tackified preforms - 预成型体
hybrid preforms - 混杂预制型
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  • 围绕粉未烧结体锻造变形的特点,讨论了粉末锻造模具设计的若干问题,并对一些粉末锻造模具进行了分析。
    Some problems of design for powder hot forging die have been discussed around the characteristics of forging deformation of powder preforms.
  • 热梯度化学气相沉积工艺中避免了等温沉积工艺中预制体表面孔隙过早堵塞的现象,适合制备轴对称的环形、管型件。
    The plugging of the surface pores in the preforms which often occurs in isothermal CVI technology seldom happens in the thermal gradient CVI process, namely, the overcrusting is avoided.
  • 总结了国内外在网络互穿复合材料及其预制件的制备工艺方面的研究现状,并且指出了各种工艺的特点;
    Research status at home and abroad on manufacturing techniques of composites with interpenetrating networks and their preforms were summarized, with focus on the special feature of every one.
  • 在三维编织复合材料预制件的研制和生产过程中,需要测量和分析材料的工艺参数。
    It is prerequisite to measure the three-dimensional braided composite materials preforms technical parameters in the process of its design and production.
  • 制成半成品卷边或滚压边的多层金属预成形件用于该产品的最终冲压成形加工工序。
    Intermediate beaded or rolled edge multilayer metal preforms are made for transport to the final three dimensional stamping operation.
  • 利用所制备的预制块,研究了多孔铝合金的加压铸造工艺。
    With the fabricated preforms, the pressure casting process of porous aluminum alloy was studied.
  • 用超声分散工艺获得了不同粒径颗粒分布均匀的预制件。
    Preforms with homogeneous distribution of large and small particles are made by ultrasonic dispersing technology.
  • 对非平面状3D织物(预制件)结构、型材及其织造技术进行了介绍,希望能为国内发展纤维增强复合材料用织物提供参考。
    Introduces the structures and weaving technology of 3D fabric preforms with various shapes, which can be used as references to develop the fabrics for the reinforcement application.
  • 与预制件相比,复合材料内部的纱线结构发生了变化,这种变化也体现在纤维体积分数以及其它结构参数上。
    The final yarn structures in composites have changed comparing with those in the preforms after which are impregnated with matrix and consolidated into the final shape.
  • 该装置可用于制备快速凝固合金粉末或雾化沉积毛坯。
    This equipment possesses the ability to produce rapidly solidified fine alloy powders and atomizing deposition preforms.
  • 同时,通过实验观察了预成型件中纱线的实际形态,为三维六向编织预成型件单胞模型的建立奠定了一定的基础。
    On the simultaneity, the actual shape of the yarns in performs was observed, which will be beneficial to the foundation of the cell modal in preforms.
  • 这对后道纺织预型件加工和复合材料成型有重要意义。
    This is very important to the process of forming textile preforms and composites.
  • 结果表明,热等静压处理可以闭合坯件内的疏松孔洞,提高合金致密度,进而提高合金的强度和塑性。
    The results indicated that by HIPing porosities in the preforms can be closed and the densities can be increased, then the strength and ductility can be improved.
  • 采用加压铸造工艺,制备出了多孔铝合金。
    With the fabricated preforms , the pressure casting process of porous aluminum alloy was studied.
  • 随着造孔剂含量的增加,预制体气孔率升高。
    The porosity of preforms increased with the increase of starch contents.
  • 在相同温度下进行粉末烧结体热复压,锻造力的增加往往使锻造密度也增加。
    In the hot repressing of the powder sintered preforms, the increasing forging force increases its densities at a constant temperature.
  • 介绍了通过单面缝纫技术生产三维球面增强预型件的方法。
    The production of three dimentional spherical reinforced preforms by means of one-side-sewing technology is presented.
  • 通过对预制件的细观结构的研究,得到减纱后通过减纱截面纱线的运动走向和规律;
    This analysis describes yarn structure of braided preforms after reducing-yarn and obtains the movement rule of braiding yarns.
  • 采用压力浸渗方法制备非连续增强复合材料需要高质量的预制块。
    High quality preforms are important for discontinuously reinforced composites made by the pressure infiltration method.
  • 纤维预成型技术是复合材料液体模塑工艺(LCM)低成本化中的重要方面。
    The fabrication technology of fiber preforms for liquid composite molding ( LCM ) is an important aspect on cost-effective composites.