pop up

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v. 突然出现
pop up - 突然出现,突然弹出的东西,冒起式
Pop-up trigger - 拖动一个弹出触发按纽,弹出开关,弹出式触发器
pop-up buoy - 急出急没浮筒
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  • 例如,如果一个朋友建议看一个表演,用户一旦同意,这个表演节目就会在指定时间弹出。
    For instance, if a friend suggests a show and the owner agrees, that show will pop up at the appointed time.
  • 如果同时弹出多个窗口,请指定窗口属性。
    If multiple windows pop up simultaneously, specify the window attribute.
  • 尝试着出去为面试而装备一下,因为面试要求人醒目。
    Have a go to outfit for interviews should one pop up out the blue.
  • 然而,这只不过是一场漫长的,包括突然出现的指向其他基因专利的小型诉讼,及其自身上诉审在内的法律战争前哨战而已。
    However, this ruling is merely the beginning of a lengthy legal battle, with similar suits likely to pop up around the country targeting other gene patents, and with an appeal in the works.
  • 这类事件就如同突然出现在你的雷达视线中,迫使你必须浪费时间去完成,进而分散了你的专注力。
    This causes stress. They can also shred you concentration by forcing you to keep wasting time swatting the tasks as they pop up on your radar.
  • 把顾虑写下来:写下你的顾虑,把它们“下载”到纸上,这样它们就不致临场弹出,影响你的表现了。
    Put it in writing: Jotting down your worries 'downloads' them so they are less likely to pop up and impact your performance.
  • “我们称这对角为‘情绪角’,因为它们就像狗的耳朵一样,可以竖起来也可以耷拉下来”。
    We call those the emotional horns, because they pop up or fold back like a dogs ears.
  • 一旦你开始和世界玩这个“找记号”的游戏,你就会发现他们无处不在,随时都会冒出来。
    Once you start to play a game with the universe to find “the signs” you will see them pop up everywhere.
  • 你从不知道什么将忽然出现。
    You never know what will pop up.
  • 额外试验:让你的朋友站在阴影里然后打开闪光灯试试!
    Bonus experiment: Stand your friend in the shade and pop up your flash!
  • 这些网站避开了搜索引擎,所以若在线搜索他们所卖的品牌时,他们的网站是不会出现的。
    The sites shield themselves from search engines, so they do not pop up in response to online searches for the brands they offer.
  • 如果您将鼠标停在一个图表元素上,那么就会出现一个工具提示告诉您关于此元素的信息。
    If you hover your mouse cursor over a diagram element, a tool tip from the documentation for that element will pop up.
  • 记住,嫉妒感会在你最意想不到的时候窜出来。
    Keep in mind, jealousy may pop up when you least expect it.
  • 您将看到与第一个弹出对话框相似的日期值。
    You should see the familiar date value pop up first.
  • 如果继续弹出警告,那么考虑在 IE 中进行配置。
    If the warning continues to pop up, consider configuring in IE.
  • 不喜欢即时弹出自动完成窗口的开发者可以配置一个以毫秒为单位的延时,或是干脆关掉该功能。
    Developers who prefer not to have auto complete pop up constantly can configure an arbitrary delay in milliseconds, or can turn it off completely.
  • 当然,会有一些例行公事去做,但是更多的时候,是突然出现的意想不到的事情需要解决。
    Sure, there’s some routine to follow, but more often than not, something unexpected will pop up.