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  • 我们毒死了他,别把自己也毒死了。
    We poisoned him. let's not poison ourselves.
  • 我们找到毒药的来源了。
    We have the source for our poison.
  • 如果水里含有有毒物质和化学物质,水就成了毒药。
    If water contains poisons and chemicals, it is poison.
  • 整个气氛已全然遭到破坏。
    The whole atmosphere has really been poisoned.
  • 土地已被化学品彻底污染。
    The land has been completely poisoned by chemicals.
  • 她曾下毒害他的谣言永远都无法得到证实。
    The rumours that she had poisoned him could never be proved.
  • 《毒药》在1991年的圣丹斯电影节上获得一等奖。
    'Poison' took first prize at the 1991 Sundance Film Festival
  • 她已经用毒药对付了我。
    She have tried to poison me already.
  • 这种毒的解药尚未发现。
    There is no known antidote to the poison.
  • 如果有人误喝了毒药,你该怎么办?
    What should you do if a person has drunk poison by mistake?
  • 因吸入有害气体而中毒的员工昨天被送进了医院。
    Employees were taken to hospital yesterday after being poisoned by fumes
  • 怀疑和忌妒,不管多么站不住脚,都可能毒害婚姻。
    Suspicion and jealousy, however ill-founded, can poison a marriage.
  • 把橡树草的毒也传给了我。
    Gave me poison oak, too.
  • 毒气喷出来,危及了几百人的生命。
    Poison gas blew off and endangered the lives of hundreds of persons.
  • 有些人认为这种程度的补偿实质上是阻止任何投标对手的“毒丸”防御。
    Some believe this level of compensation is essentially a poison pill to put off any rival bidders.
  • 并买了致命的毒药。
    And buys a deadly poison.
  • 水银是一种已知的有毒物质。
    Mercury is a known poison.
  • 他的请求被答应了,他们毒死了他。
    His request is granted, and they poison him.
  • 马尔科夫身中毒镖而亡。
    Markov died after being struck by a poison dart.
  • 不许教师以个人的观点去影响孩子们的思想。
    Teachers are not allowed to poison the children's minds with their own opinions.
  • 如果我是你老婆,我会在你的咖啡里下毒。
    If I was your wife I would poison your coffee.
  • 酒精饮料对小孩犹如毒药。
    Alcoholic drinks act as a poison to a child.