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v. 指出;瞄准(point的过去式)
adj. 尖的;突出的;锐利的;率直的
pointed - 尖的,指指,直截了当的
pointed condyloma - 尖锐湿疣,翻译
pointed chin - 尖尖的下巴,尖下巴
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  • 然后他指出进了森林。
    Then he pointed into the forest.
  • 他们吃了尖锐指出刀,作为一个刀和叉(后者不会被发明的一个世纪)。
    They ate with a sharp pointed knife, which served as both a knife and a fork (the latter would not be invented for another century).
  • 正如我们在以前的信中指出的那样,教育是人最高的能力。
    As we pointed out in previous letters, teaching is the highest capacity of man.
  • 他指出:如果仅从智识活动的内在性上来确定知识分子范畴,那么“人人都是知识分子”,因此要从一定的社会关系中来界定知识分子。
    He pointed out that "everybody is the intellectual" if we identify the intellectual only by the intrinsic of the intelligent work, therefore, we must limit the intellectual in the certain society.
  • 他明确地指出了那个错误。
    He expressly pointed out the mistake.
  • 就像我们指出的那样,这种物质是有毒的。
    As was pointed out, this kind of substance is poisonous.
  • 他把她指出来让我看。
    He pointed her out to me.
  • 因此,与会专家对此指出,不是一种新技术一出来,就应马上将其应用到住宅建设当中。
    Therefore, experts have pointed out that technology is not a new one out, it should be applied to residential construction, immediately.
  • 海豚有许多小小的锐利的牙齿。它们用来攫取鱼和乌贼。然后,把鱼和乌贼全部吞下。
    Dolphins have many little pointed teeth. They use them to grab fish and squid. Then they swallow them whole.
  • 当我向这个丈夫指出其中的不对时,他意识到了问题所在。
    When I pointed it out to the husband, he got it.
  • 他的同事指出了一个他工作上的错误。
    His colleague pointed out an error in his work.
  • 他指出了我的缺点。
    He pointed out my shortcomings.
  • 直到我们向他们指出了他们的错误,他们才认识到。
    Not until we pointed out their fault to them did they realize it.
  • 直到本人们向他们指出了他们的错误,他们才认识到。
    Not until we pointed out their fault to them did they realize it .
  • 直到我们向他们指出了他们的错误,他们才认识到。
    They didn't realize their fault until we pointed it out to them.
  • 我曾指出他们和其他人在我们家的方向。
    I had pointed them, and others, in the direction of our home.
  • 他指出我的错误。
    He pointed out my mistake.
  • 在此基础上,进一步指出了我们在校学习过程中应掌握的知识和技能要求。
    On this basis, we further pointed out that the process of learning in school should have the knowledge and skill requirements.
  • 前两天我们指出过,我们并没有运用我们所有的感官在运作,而只是部分地运作。
    We pointed out the other day that we are functioning not with all our senses, but only partially.
  • 文中,他指出,而是因为他们是如何做到这一点,戴尔、丰田西南航空等许多公司蓬勃发展不是因为他们做什么,而是因为他们怎么做。
    In this he pointed out that many companies—from Dell to Toyota to Southwest Airlines—have flourished not because of what they do but because of how they do it.
  • 我们指出迭代可以减少风险并避免一次产生所有产物的与生俱来的问题。
    We pointed out that iterations reduce risk and avoid the problems inherent in an all-at-once delivery.
  • 我指出这种分发拷贝的行为是不道德的。
    I pointed out that distributing the copy was not ethical.