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n. 开心果;阿月浑子果实;阿月浑子树;淡草绿色
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  • 我是好人!因为接触过我的人都称我是开心果,带动他人快乐。
    I am! The people around me are all called me as pistachio nuts to make others happy.
  • 玛卡龙有多种口味。包括巧克力,咖啡,咸焦糖,覆盆子,橘子,蛋奶酒,柠檬,肉桂,开心果,甚至有花生酱和果冻口味。
    Macarons come in many different flavors. They include chocolate, coffee, salted caramel, raspberry, orange, eggnog, lemon, cinnamon, pistachio, even peanut butter and jelly.
  • 我喜欢嚼开心果,而令人惊奇的是,开心果几乎全是纤维。
    I love munching on pistachio nuts, and amazingly, pistachios are packed with fiber.
  • 黄绿色的车厢里有三层的卧铺,空气不太流通。 除了灯光开关,暖气、电扇、喇叭开关仅仅可以拨动,除此之外没有任何作用。
    My pistachio green, airless compartment had three bunk beds and, apart from the light, none of the switches - heater, fan nor loudspeaker - did anything other than move.
  • 在第五和第六周,开心果食用组较之于对照组也表现出相似的结果。
    The similar effect was seen at weeks five and six among those on the pistachio diet compared with those on the control diet.
  • 例如,在惠普,他们发现行销团队的成员会以匿名的方式给销售掉一台新机器的销售人员送11袋开心果。
    At Hewlett-Packard, for instance, they found members of the marketing team who would anonymously send 1lb bags of pistachio nuts to salesmen who sold a new machine.
  • 对人类而言,类似之处也许就是那些实在令人讨厌的堆在袋底的开心果。
    For humans, the equivalent is probably those really annoying pistachio nuts that accumulate at the bottom of the bag.
  • 你沉得松鼠会喜欢开心果的味道吗?
    Do you think the squirrel will like the taste of pistachio?
  • 这是有关芒果,阿月浑子和又给。
    It is related to the mango, pistachio and poison ivy.
  • 明许久不曾更新她博客上的食谱了,但她的浪漫无花果盘夹芝士橄榄油冰淇淋冻蛋糕作为一款颇受欢迎的作品一直为我们所熟记。
    Ming no longer makes cupcakes on her site, but her pistachio olive oil cake with FIG compote filling and cream cheese frosting lives on in our archive, as one of your favorite cakes.
  • 自选草莓开心果口味,菠萝椰子口味,香蕉提子口味配以糖浆。
    Choice of Strawberry and Pistachio, Pineapple and Coconut or Banana and Raisin. Served with Real Maple Syrup.
  • 此照片中我们看到了一个绿色的阿月浑子围巾和黑鞋。
    In this photo we see a green pistachio scarf and black shoes.
  • 剩下的三分之一是澳洲坚果、开心果、榛子或者花生。
    The other one-third of studies looked at either macadamia, pistachio, hazelnuts or peanuts.
  • 不开心就吃开心果。
    No happy eat pistachio nuts.
  • 就在最近,马克.香农(Mark Shannon)坐在小飞机里,盘旋在自己的5300英亩土地上空,查看着下面被棕色土地环绕着的成排扁桃树和开心果树。
    Circling above his 5,300 acres in a small plane recently, Mark Shannon gazed down on rows of almond and pistachio trees surrounded by brown fields.
  • 你说,遇到这样的开心果,你能不喜欢她吗?
    You encountered this kind of pistachio, you do not like her?
  • 热带水果。番石榴,芒果,山竹,荔枝,开心果,鳄梨,榴莲。
    Tropical Fruit - Guava, Mango, Mangosteen, Lychee, Pistachio, Avocado, durian.
  • 结果表明,开心果咖啡也许没有机会进入时尚咖啡屋。
    The result suggested pistachio coffee might not take off in trendy coffee bars.