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n. [会计] 支付;付款(payment的复数形式);薪资;惩罚
Payments - 支付,付款,付款方式
Tuition payments - 学分制收费,学费缴纳
temporary payments - 暂付款,暂付款项,暂付金钱
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付款 / 支付的款项 / 报偿
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付款, 偿还, 支付
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  • 后来,他承认确实付过款了。
    Later, he admitted that the payments had indeed been made
  • 他没能按时付款,面临着失去房子的危险。
    He faces losing his home after falling behind with the payments
  • 该公司不得不为裁员支付4.72亿英镑的补偿款。
    The company has had to make redundancy payments of £ 472 million.
  • 麻烦您在这里签一下字,我们将联系您的银行自动扣除您的付款。
    If you will just sign here, we will arrange for your bank to deduct your payments automatically.
  • 否则,他们不会觉得必须向那些没有受到公平待遇的顾客提供补偿款。
    Otherwise, they would not feel compelled to make ex gratia payments to customers they have wronged.
  • 假如你不能按时付款,信贷公司就可能扣你的车。
    If you fell behind in your payments, the finance company may seize your car.
  • 米兰银行决定改变付款贷记的方式。
    Midland decided to change the way it credited payments to accounts
  • 支付款应该随书面通知寄出。
    Payments should be sent with the written notification.
  • 所有付款都要作记录。
    Keep a record of all the payments
  • 我得知要领补助,就得回答一些问题。
    I was told that in order to get benefit payments I would have to answer some questions.
  • 业主如果未能按时交房贷,就会面临丧失抵押品赎回权的危险。
    If homeowners can't keep up the payments, they face foreclosure
  • 我如何向自己的账户付款?
    How do I make payments into my account?
  • 现在很多人在支付房款月供上都有困难。
    Many people are now having trouble making their monthly house payments
  • 该基金明年的支付额刚好过10亿英镑。
    The fund will make payments of just over £ 1 billion next year.
  • 这几笔钱将从你的薪水里减除。
    The payments will be deducted from your salary.
  • 如果你不如期交房租,你就会被撵走。
    If your payments of rent fall behind, you will be asked to leave.
  • 国内收入署试图驳回这些缴纳款。
    The Internal Revenue Service sought to disallow the payments
  • 不过迫近的国际收支平衡危机也许是对总统的报应。
    Yet the imminent crisis in its balance of payments may be the President's nemesis.
  • 约翰逊谈起降价时,会使用“目标价位”和“效率支付”之类的字眼。
    When Johnson talks about cuts, he uses words like 'target price' and 'efficiency payments'.
  • 如果不继续交费,你会被赶出去。
    If you don't keep up payments you could be evicted.
  • 每月4,000万美元的援助款项将继续搁置下去。
    The$ 40 million-a-month aid payments will remain on ice.