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adj. 分担的;由多人一起参加的
Participative - 参与式,参与的,价值参与化,参与性
Participative management - 参与管理,参与式管理,參与管理,参与式治理
participative consultativeness - 允许谘询参考
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  • 人们受到困扰的另一个原因是当今存在的参与情绪。这种积极参与现象在现代生活中到处可见。
    People are also troubled because of the participative mood that exists today. This participative phenomenon can be seen in every part of contemporary life.
  • 具体地说,要取得员工参与管理的成功,员工首先要了解他们通过参与决策所要达到的目的。
    Specifically, it appears that in order for participative management to succeed, employees must first know what they are attempting to achieve through participation.
  • 最后,讨论了信息共享对控制该种策略下牛鞭效应的效果。
    Finally, we discuss the action of participative information to control the bullwhip effect of this policy generation.
  • 但是在参与项目中仅仅相反的才是正确的。
    But just the opposite was true in the participative programme.
  • 为了获得成功,优秀的业绩评估过程必须是“可参与”的,也就是说员工必须要参与到该过程之中。
    To be successful, a good performance appraisal process must be participative—that is, the employee must have a voice in the process.
  • “它还带着玩家接触了城市的历史与文化,因此它也具有教育作用和参与性”,McCall说。
    "It also brings them into contact with the history and culture of the city, so it has an educational and participative element, too," says McCall.
  • 决策参与度和面对面交流能有效提高公司与农户的信任水平;
    Participative decision making and face-to-face interaction can effectively improve the mutual trust between the corporation and farmers;
  • 人们还因为现今存在的新的参与情绪而受到困扰。
    People are also troubled because of the new participative mood that exists today.
  • 我们积极参与,所以我们享受活动带来的快乐。
    We are Participative, so we enjoy the happiness of activities.
  • 本研究主要使用了参与观察、深度访谈和入户问卷调查相结合的调查研究方法。
    This study benefits from the methods of participative observation, deep interview and questionnaire investigation .
  • 依据外部决定的最好方法来组织的工作被能够引向不断完善的参与性试验所代替。
    Work organized according to the externally determined "one best way" is replaced by participative experimentation leading to continuous improvement.
  • 这些人际互联的技巧是:积极倾听、沟通、团队关系、解决问题和咨询、参与管理和接口管理。
    The People Linking Skills are: Active Listening, Communication, Team Relationships, Problem-solving & Counseling, Participative Management and Interface Management.
  • 微软首要的问题是对这类社区的干涉和固执己见。
    The great question ahead for Microsoft is how to engage with a participative and opinionated community like this.
  • 其中便有马歇尔·麦克卢汉,他将电子媒体视为建设一个全新的“地球村”的秘诀,这一地球村带有某种惬意和温情,和集体参与性,同时又拥有非常成熟的科技。
    There was Marshall McLuhan, who saw the electronic media as the secret of building a new "global village" that was somehow cozy, participative, and yet at the same time technologically sophisticated.
  • 这个“吸管套圈”的游戏真有趣,看,各位园长玩得多投入。
    This Straw game was so interesting. Look, all of the principals and teachers were so participative.