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n. [计] 分析程序;语法剖析程式
Parsers - 解析器,分析器,解析部分
Compound parsers - 复合分析器
More Parsers - 更多分析器
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  • 当然,清单1中存在的问题是,为了更改语法分析器,必须更改实现类。
    Of course, the problem with Listing 1 is that, in order to change parsers, you have to change the implementation class.
  • 核心 Perl 发行版带有将 POD 转换成文本、HTML 和帮助手册格式的解析器。
    The core Perl distribution comes with parsers that convert POD to text, HTML, and man page format.
  • 解析器中的灵活性被证实。
    Flexibility in parsers, check.
  • 例如,当没有XML声明时,某些语法分析器发出警告。
    For example, some parsers issue a warning when there is no XML declaration.
  • 尽管有这些类似之处,但是单个浏览器中的解析器一般是各不相同的,某种程度上讲,从业者都必须单独学习。
    Despite these similarities, the parsers within a single browser are generally distinct and, to some extent, must be learned separately by practitioners.
  • 解析器将文档中部件和结构的描述提炼成简明、清晰和 说明性的规则,确定由什么组成文档。
    Parsers distill descriptions of the parts and structures in documents into concise, clear, and declarative rules identifying what makes up a document.
  • XML标准定义了所有xml解析器都必须实现的5种标准实体,尽管它们还支持其他实体。
    The XML standard defines five standard entities that must be implemented by all XML parsers, regardless of what other entities they support.
  • 对于较小型的语言,手工构建解析器可能更快速、更容易,但是当语言变得更庞大时,这就成了一个困难的问题。
    Building parsers by hand can be quicker and easier for smaller languages, but it tends to become a difficult problem as the language gets larger.
  • 通过使用共享模式,应用程序可以使用验证解析器来确保发送或接收到的是适当的信息。
    By using a Shared schema, applications can use validating parsers to assure that appropriate information is sent or received.
  • 它还引发了对接收到的消息的处理问题,因为事实上通常不会将XML分析器设计成能够处理非常大的字符串。
    It also causes problems for processing of received messages due to the fact that XML parsers are not usually engineered to deal with very large strings.
  • 现在看到三个解析器的功能是通用的。 我将为您展示更具体的解析代码,从 XML 解析器开始。
    Now that you've seen the functionality that is common to all three parsers, I'll show you the more specific parsing code, starting with the XML parser.
  • 表 2 提供了包含其中一些解析器的列表。
    Table 2 provides a list of some of these parsers.
  • 我所有的旧的特别的解析器都采用了这种风格:读一些字符、作决定、累加一些变量、清空、重复。
    All my old AD hoc parsers were imperative in flavor: read some characters, make some decisions, accumulate some variables, rinse, repeat.
  • 本质上,JAXP 1.2定义了两种新特性(用于SAX解析器)和两种新属性(用于DOM解析器),它们控制着模式验证。
    Essentially, JAXP 1.2 defines two new properties (for SAX parsers) and two new attributes (for DOM parsers) that control schema validation.
  • 而且还有可能从无头运行时那儿运行构件并激活解析器,尽管对Eclipse框架来说GUIde编辑器是特定的。
    It's also possible to run both the build and invoke the parsers from a headless runtime, although the GUI editors are specific to the Eclipse framework.
  • 这使得构建其他的解析器和翻译器成为可能,只需生成相同的汇编码,便可支持所有LLVM族支持的平台。
    This makes it possible to build other parsers and translators to generate the same assembly code and take the advantage of being able to be used on any platform that is supported by the LLVM family.
  • 非验证语法分析器忽略该功能。
    Nonvalidating parsers ignore this feature.
  • 具有解析器实践经验的读者可能会注意到,这和由“lex”风格的编程工具生成的标记器是很相似的。
    Readers with some experience working with parsers will probably notice how similar this is to tokenizer generated by a "lex" style programming tool.
  • 您现在可以使用多个数据库解析器来验证脚本语法,然后依次在多个数据库连接中执行脚本。
    You can now validate the syntax in scripts with multiple database parsers, and run scripts serially against multiple database connections.
  • 这为其提供了相对于XMLNS和xml解析器的显著性能改进。
    This gives it significant performance improvements over the XMLNS and XML parsers.
  • 但是CDATA的解析难度不会比其他元素大,而且大多数DOM解析器会直接帮您扁平化,这样您就不需要考虑它的差异。
    But CDATA sections are no harder to parse than anything else, and most DOM parsers will simply flatten them for you so that you don't have to think about it at all.
  • SAX解析器将生成一系列解析事件。
    SAX parsers produce a series of parsing events.
  • 可以在一个程序中用具有不同文法和用途的多个解析器。
    Multiple parsers can be used with different grammars and purposes in a single program.
  • 这个API已经过了多年的精心改进,许多不同的解析器实现都支持它,包括当今可用的功能最齐全的解析器。
    This API has been refined over a period of years and is supported by many different parser implementations, including the most fully-featured parsers available today.
  • 虽然JDOM拥有一种著名的处理各种语法分析器的标准方法,而且DOM在版本3之前根本没有这种功能,但是对于许多开发人员来说,SAX仍显得有点神秘。
    While JDOM has a well-known, standard way of handling various parsers, and DOM has no facility for this at all prior to the DOM Level 3 version, SAX remains a bit of a mystery to many developers.
  • XML 规范特别要求解析器从 XML 文档的第一个字节开始解析直到最后一个字节,所有现有的解析器都是这样操作的。
    The XML specification practically requires parsers to begin at the first byte of an XML document and continue parsing until the end, and all existing parsers operate like this.