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  • 这种游戏最早的名字叫做closh,在它演变为croquet(槌球)之前,还曾叫做pall-mall(铁圈球)。
    The oldest name for it is closh and the name it had prior to being croquet was pall-mall.
  • 一个正面的影子正投射在另一个正面上,并象一块黑布似的,盖在园地上。
    One of those facades cast its shadow on the other, which fell over the garden like an immense black pall.
  • 我并不想打消你们对数据绑定的兴趣,恰恰相反,我认为它是一种了不起的应用程序。
    I don't want to cast a pall on all of you who are interested in data binding -- rather, the contrary.
  • 床的材料为实心松木,有可移动的棺材盖和底座,装饰着手工金属十字架和哥特式把手。
    It’s constructed of Solid Pine with a removable top and bottom and adorned with a handmade metal cross and gothic pall bearer handles.
  • 当牧师以祷告结束了他的悼词,一首赞美诗唱响了,抬棺人在棺材架边各就各位。
    When the minister had finished his eulogy with prayer a hymn was sung and the pall-bearers took their places beside the bier.
  • 任何组织的权力真空都可能导致激烈的争斗,使恐怖的阴云遍布西西里西部地区。
    Any power vacuum in the organisation could lead to a ferocious fight that spreads a pall of terror over western Sicily.
  • 正是这种无法收回的债款负担,不管它会滚多大,和有可能在将来几年内给经济复苏蒙上一层阴影。
    It is this bad-debt overhang, however big it turns out to be, that is likely to cast a pall over the recovery for years to come.
  • 一望无际的云幕蒙住了从天顶到地乎线的整个夜空。
    An unvaried pall of cloud muffled the whole expanse of sky from zenith to horizon.
  • 放在两个木架上,上面盖了一块盖棺布。
    It stands on two trestles, under the pall.
  • 当然了,为了玩槌球,你得有一片绿色的空间。人们曾在伦敦某条小巷上玩铁圈球,后来pall-mall就演变成这条街的名字。
    Of course in order to play croquet you need a stretch of green space and the name of the game of pall-mall is what gave the alley where it was played its name.
  • 如果我们处理不当,一种禁欲的风气将会蔓延整个经济领域,抑制消费并打击人们的希望。
    If we are not careful, a puritanical pall of disapproval will spread over the economy, vetoing consumption, nixing hope.