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Over the Top - 超越颠峰,飞跃巅峰,飞越颠峰
Jimeoin Over The Top - 超越颠峰的吉莫恩
VFR Over the Top - 云上目视飞行培训课程
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  • 但你只是躺在那里;不要把胳膊和或脚丫伸到他身上。
    But lay there; don't throw an arm or leg over the top of him.
  • 你可以说他是过头了;如果你想也可称它为宣传。
    You can say he is over the top; call it hype if you want.
  • 在顶上,他把两三个灌木丛扔在一起,就这样一个简易棚屋完成了。
    Over the top he managed to draw together two or three bushes, and the improvised wigwam was complete.
  • 一些人口中的“货币战争”成为笼罩此次峰会上空的一片阴云,即便那些认为“战争”这一描述有些夸张的人们也承认形势确实比较紧张。
    There is a shadow over this summit. Some call it "a currency war" and even those who think that kind of language is a bit over the top accept that there is real tension.
  • 在重复部分中,一班哥特式的合唱团给予了歌曲高水平的背景人声,增添了几分感觉。 在第二段中作为背景的喧嚣声也起到了同样的作用。
    During the chorus, a Gothic choir provides some splendidly deep backing vocals that add a greater feel to the song, as does background noise put over the top in the second verse.
  • 想让孩子们相信迷你胡萝卜就是极致,咬下去的嘎嘣响听起来很棒,这可能有点过分了。
    Convincing kids that baby carrots are extreme, and that the crunch is really awesome, may seem over the top.
  • 的确你可能在这个地方挥霍在另外的地方为新形成的财政转折点而庆祝,但是不可能超越这个顶点。
    Sure you may splurge here and there to celebrate your newfound financial milestone, but it won’t be over the top.
  • 有时挣脱束缚是好的,如果你能够让自己一次又一次地挣脱束缚,人们会注意到你的。
    Sometimes going over the top is good, if you can let yourself go from time to time, people will notice.
  • 汤普森警告我说,当牵引机在空中将我们释放的时候,那感觉就像是坐过山车到了最高点。
    He warned that the moment when the towplane released us would remind me of going over the top of a roller coaster.
  • 文件的部分,特别有一章节称“面部识别的重要意义”,似乎有些过头了。
    Parts of the document, particularly one section called ‘The Significance of Facial Recognition”, seem over the top.
  • 后面那一部分就说过头了──它能改变我们对网络的使用方式和看法?
    It is the second part that is rather over the top - change the we use and think of the web?
  • 他慈祥的眼神在半框眼镜上边凝视过来.
    His kind eyes peered over the top of his half-glasses.
  • 确保你自信的工作但也不会过了头以致被同事嫉恨。
    Make your confidence work for you without going over the top and alienating coworkers.
  • 一些评论家坚持认为这个项目太过火了。
    Some critics insist that the project is way over the top.
  • 但综合起来,这两个因素就能让所有的学校的预算超额。
    Taken together, these two factors can drive every school budget right over the top.
  • 往常她都是头顶一堆发饰,现在就是一个简单的中分披肩发。
    In place of her often over the top hair pieces was a simple centre parting.
  • 我认为这将是一次艰难的谈判,但他们的立场让我们难以接受。
    I believe in tough negotiations, but what they came up with was over the top.