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Outstanding - 杰出的,出色,不同凡响
outstanding cheque - 未付支票,未兑现支票,未兑现的支票
Outstanding Performance - 出色的表现,杰出的表示,出色的
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  • 我知道你们也为这项杰出的成就感到无比自豪。
    And I know how proud you are of this outstanding accomplishment.
  • 责任感给你所需要的任何的力量,你也将变成一个杰出的雇员——你自己——的老板。
    Responsibility gives you all the power. You become the boss who employs the resources of an outstanding employee: yourself.
  • 不管怎样,对于那些通过他们自己的才干而非命运成为君主的人,我要说最杰出的就是摩西、居鲁士、罗穆卢斯、忒修斯,以及其他像他们这般的人物*。
    However, to come to those who have become princes by means of their own virtue and not because of Fortune, I say that the most outstanding are Moses, Cyrus, Romulus, Theseus, and others of their kind.
  • 那个获得奖学金的男孩是个相当杰出的学生。
    The boy who won the scholarship was a quite outstanding student.
  • 现在为了这些数据量,让我们先结束一个未解决的问题。
    Now as for all these data sizes, let's close one outstanding question.
  • 通过任命,丹尼斯·兰克希望能够祝贺他对泰利斯集团在国际市场上的发展所做出的杰出贡献。
    Denis Ranque wants to congratulate him for the outstanding contribution he has made to the development of the Group on the international markets.
  • 到了晚上,烟火点亮了整个天空,国王会颁发斯德哥尔摩水上奖给对保护水资源最杰出贡献者。
    In the evenings, fireworks light up the sky. The King awards the Stockholm Water Prize for the most outstanding contribution to water conservation.
  • 经理将看到一段时间内所有未解决的请假请求的一个概览,并对请求作出批准或拒绝。
    The manager can see an overview of all outstanding leave requests for the period and either approves or rejects the request.
  • 世界遗址——那些因其杰出的自然或文化价值而受到世界认可的地方——是不可替代的生活、文化和生计资源。
    World Heritage sites—places recognised for their outstanding natural and cultural value to the world—are irreplaceable sources of life, culture and livelihoods.
  • 我很高兴的接受了,因为这是一个著名院系。
    I was happy to accept because this was an outstanding department.
  • 那时俄亥俄州立大学拥有一支国内最好的球队,博伦虬茨威克兹又是它的一名最杰出的球星。
    At that time had one of the best football teams in the country, and Bloenciecwcz was one of its outstanding stars.
  • 既使是好乐师也需经常练习。
    Even outstanding musicians require constant practice.
  • 每年向杰出的化学研究人员发奖是这个学会的惯例。
    It is the custom of this academy to make an annual award for outstanding researchers in chemistry.
  • 因此我想利用这个机会说明我们正在做哪些事情,我们打算用什么方式解决这些有待处理的问题。
    So I want to take this opportunity to lay out what we are doing, and how we intend to resolve these outstanding issues.
  • 这种方法便于洞察定义的工作范围是否已经完成,或者是否仍有未解决的项,如图 3 所示。
    This approach allows insight into whether the defined scope of work has been completed or if items remain outstanding as seen in Figure 3.
  • 他的绘画具有明显的马蒂斯的绘画风格。
    His paintings have outstanding style of Matisse.
  • 这个时期许多杰出的画家出现。
    Many outstanding painters emerged during this time.