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abbr. 对象链接和嵌入(Object Linkingand Embedding)
OLE - 对象链接与嵌入(Object Linking And Embedding),对象链接和嵌入,其他学习经历(Other Learning Experience)
Ole Bornedal - 奥勒·博内代尔,导,博内代尔
Ole Rømer - 奥勒·罗默,奥勒·罗默
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ole, 目标连结嵌入, 允许在一个应用创造物件并用 "活连" (live link) 的方法嵌入到其它的微软标准 (计算机用语)
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  • 直到去年,UNIX 模块还完全不可用,并且只能用 Win32::OLE 模块来检索来自 Windows Excel 文件的数据。
    Until last year, UNIX modules were completely unavailable, and data from Excel files for Windows could only be retrieved with the Win32::OLE modules.
  • 作为一名前摇滚乐队成员(并获得ole’ Alvarez-Yari奖项),我很同情这位歌手的遭遇。
    As a former rock band member who still drags out my prized ole’ Alvarez-Yari now than then, I can certainly empathize with the songwriter who’s treasured guitar was destroyed.
  • 在这种情况下,该模块的安装将失败,因为 IO::Scalar 还不可用,因此,您可能想放弃 PPM 问题的查找,而转向内置的 Win32::OLE 模块。
    The module install will fail in this case, because IO::Scalar is not yet available, so you may want to give up trying to find the problem with PPM, and switch to the built-in Win32::OLE module.
  • 之所以要引入OLE DB,主要是为了给非关系型数据和关系型数据提供统一的数据访问。
    OLE DB was introduced primarily to provide uniform data access to non-relational data as well as relational data.
  • 然而,需要注意一点,这个驱动程序并不包含对 OLE DB 的支持。
    However, one important thing to note is that support for OLE DB is not included in this driver.
  • 要实现更紧密的集成,对于公布更深入集成的属性和动作的特定 OLE 组件,可以使用该组件的源代码为其创建包装器。
    For a tighter integration, the source code for this component can be used to create a wrapper for specific OLE components that expose more deeply integrated properties and actions.
  • OLE DB 是 Microsoft 的一种技术,它被嵌入在 Windows 操作系统中。
    OLE DB is a Microsoft technology that is embedded into the Windows operating system.
  • 我现在没有直接研究OLE这个话题,但是我现在和一个顶尖的开发人员一起工作。
    I’m not directly involved in OLE at present, but I do work for one of the lead development partners.
  • 随着OLE的发展,这种状况可能会改变,数据结构也会得到充实。
    This may well change as OLE develops, and the data architecture is fleshed out.
  • OLE DB 的目标(就像它之前的 ODBC 的目标)是提供对各种关系和非关系数据源的透明的访问。
    The goal of OLE DB (as was the goal of ODBC before it) is to provide transparent access to a variety of relational and non-relational data sources.
  • 这个版本也改进了拖放功能和OLE(对象链接和嵌入)功能,第一次引进多媒体支持功能。
    This version also improved drag-and-drop functionality and OLE (Object Linking and Embedding), and it introduced multimedia support for the first time. And then there's Minesweeper...
  • 它为 DB2 提供了更好级别的支持,胜过 DB2 的 ODBC 和 OLE DB 通用(generic)托管提供程序。
    This native provider provides an improved level of support over the ODBC and OLE DB generic managed providers for DB2.
  • 并且你需要明白OLE和组件对象编程(COM)以及URL中的格式化和符号。
    Also, you should have an understanding of OLE and Component Object Model (COM) programming and of the format and syntax of a URL.
  • 有了 ActiveState 的 Win32::OLE ,您可以使用下面所列的代码逐个单元地转储工作表
    With Win32::OLE from the ActiveState toolkit, you can dump a worksheet, cell by cell, using the code listed below
  • 微软已经 提供了一份文档,说明如何把应用程序从OLE DB迁移到ODBC。
    Microsoft has provided a document explaining how to migrate applications from OLE DB to ODBC.
  • 有了 SWT 对 ActiveX 控件和 OLE 文档的支持,研究如何创建外观极棒的且集成了本机窗口小部件和组件的应用程序是令人激动的。
    With SWT's support for ActiveX controls and OLE documents, it's exciting to explore ways to create great-looking applications that integrate native widgets and components.