old friend

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old friend - 老朋友,旧交,旧识
An Old Family Friend - 我家一位
old girl friend - 前女友
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  • 我要和一个老朋友出去。
    I'm going out with an old friend.
  • 我今天在街上偶然碰见了我的一个老朋友。
    I bumped into an old friend of mine on the street today.
  • 威拉德,我是你家里的一个老朋友了。
    Willard, I'm an old friend of the family.
  • 他从一开始就很信任我这个他老朋友的儿子。
    From the outset he had put his trust in me, the son of his old friend.
  • 今天上午我拜访了我的老朋友。
    I visited my old friend this morning.
  • 我在图书馆与一位老朋友不期而遇。
    I ran across an old friend of mine in the library.
  • 久旱逢甘霖,他乡遇故知。
    To meet an old friend in a distant land is like refreshing rain after a long drought.
  • 我错了,他是我的老朋友。
    My mistake. he's an old friend of mine.
  • 他忘记了老朋友。
    He forgot his old friend.
  • 在大街上无意中瞥见了一位多年不见的老友。
    In the street I caught sight of an old friend whom I had not seen for years.
  • 我的一位刚结婚不久的老朋友最近邀请我到他的婚房去吃晚饭。
    An old friend of mine, newly spliced, recently invited me to dinner in his new marital home.
  • 你总不会对老朋友见死不救吧?
    You wouldn't leave an old friend in the lurch, surely?
  • 我和以前的一个老朋友聊天了。
    I was talking to an old friend of mine from the past.
  • 也许一个老朋友能让她明白并且帮助她。
    An old friend might well be able to get through to her and help her
  • 我给老朋友约翰·霍纳打了电话。
    I called my old friend John Horner
  • 20年后她偶然碰到了她的老朋友。
    She and her old friend met up after twenty years.
  • 他正沿街走着,突然看见了一位老朋友。
    He was walking down the street when he spied an old friend.
  • 蓓丝躺在她的沙发上,笑眯眯地在跟她的老朋友说话。
    Beth lay on her sofa, talking cheerily with her old friend.
  • 刚才在街上有个老朋友看见我却假装没看见。
    I've just been cut dead in the street by an old friend.
  • 在回家的路上,她偶遇一个老朋友。
    On her way home she encountered an old friend.
  • 他对老朋友感情很深。
    He has a deep affection for his old friend.
  • 我昨天到一个老朋友家里去做客。
    I visited an old friend yesterday.
  • 今天我在城里碰到了一位老朋友。
    I met with an old friend in the town today.
  • 在一个宴会上我碰到了一位老朋友。
    I met with an old friend at a dinner party.
  • 哈里对老朋友的讲话不屑一顾,称之“火不了多久”。
    Harry dismissed his old friend's speech as 'a nine-day wonder'
  • 他的声音使我想起了一个老朋友。
    His voice reminds me an old friend.
  • 我见到了分离多年的朋友。
    I met an old friend from whom I had parted for many years.