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n. (Nouveau)人名;(法)努沃
adj. 新近产生的,新近到达的
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  • 新艺术运动是西方艺术设计史上一个特定时期,它经历了传统装饰到现代设计的这样一个转变的过程。
    Art Nouveau is a special period in the history of western art, which witnesses the transformation from the traditional decoration to the modern design.
  • 新艺术主义在建筑和内部设计避免了维多利亚时代的折衷复兴形式。
    Art Nouveau in architecture and interior design eschewed the eclectic revival styles of the Victorian era.
  • 他的有力、有弹性的线条部分特色是来自于新艺术的书法艺术。
    His sinuous and elastic line took part of its character from Art Nouveau calligraphy.
  • 他们对暴发户大肆消费抱怨连连,并很想知道这些人的钱到底是哪里来的。
    They grouse about the conspicuous consumption of the nouveau riche and wonder where all that money is coming from.
  • 新艺术主义并不和工艺活动一样否定机械,而是运用它的优势。
    Art Nouveau did not negate the machine as the Arts and Crafts Movement did, but used it to its advantage.
  • 周末的早午餐,咖啡厅的室内乐都是在耳闻目染之间为客人们,尤其是新富们提供了一个提升品味的所在。
    For instance, weekend brunch and café BGM are useful to help the guests, the "nouveau riche" in particular, polish taste before they're aware of it.
  • (暴发户)这个词是从法语借来的。
    The expression 'nouveau riche' is borrowed from French.
  • 每一个暴发户学院课程的目的是教你“如何”房地产投资的概念和战略。
    Each Nouveau Riche college course has been designed to teach you "how-to" real estate investment concepts and strategies.
  • 然后,他自己制造了一个,在艺术新兴活动中有明显影响的花瓶。
    He then made his own version of it, which is visibly influenced by the Art Nouveau movement.
  • 我认为这可能是上流阶层独有的语言,而她是个暴发户,刚刚得到学习这种语言的资格。
    This language belong to the privileged class, and she is a nouveau riche, just get the permit to study this, I spooled.
  • “老子有钱,还怕没有好的艺术?”这是一种暴发户心态,我们要警惕与防止的就是这种心态。
    The mentality of the nouveau-riche - money will buy us the arts that we want - is an attitude that we should guard against.
  • 这两座建筑物在设计上有新艺术派的风格,虽然摇摇欲坠的大厦上很多细节已经消失无考。
    Both buildings were designed in art nouveau style, though many of the finishing touches have since disappeared from the dilapidated edifice.
  • 帕尔为财富的展示所吸引,他把他拍摄的莫斯科暴发户照片看作最佳作品。
    Fascinated by displays of wealth, Parr cites his photographs of the nouveau riche in Moscow as his best work.